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Marcus Antonius, History and Tradition

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ISBN: 978-83-7784-797-8
Description: paperback, 290 pp. (24x17 cm), figs.
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Marcus Antonius, History and Tradition, ed. by D. Slapek, I. Luc, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Press, Lublin 2016


The present collection of articles is devoted to one of the most famous figures of Roman history. For centuries now, Mark Antony has attracted the attention of not only historians, but also pop culture artists, mainly due to his fascinating life. The origin of his legend is also one of the major issues, on which the attention of the collection's authors have focused. [...] the contributions which constitute the collection shed light on these aspects of Mark Antony's career and legend which do not usually fall within the areas of interest of authors of classic versions of this remarkable and controversial politican's biography. Similarly to an earlier publication devoted to Sulla, the reviewed collection will be valuable complementary contribution to the history of the last generation of the Roman Republic. The fact that this undertaking employed representatives of various scientific fields of study (historians, philologists, and archeologists) will certainly have an impact on its cohesion. One the other hand, however, it seems that this is a price worth paying for the opportunity to look at the history of rome and Antony in so many different ways. The present collection af articles I have reviewed certainly deserves publication. [An excerpt from the review by Prof. Przemysław Wojciechowski]


List of Abbreviations, Names of Journals and Book Series
War and Politics. The Interchangeability of Roles
Norbert Rogosz
Marcus Antonius as the Tribune of the Plebs
(49 year BC)
Ireneusz Łuć
Marcus Antonius as a Commander and Comrade in Arms
Michał Norbert Faszcza
The Problem of Mark Antony’s speculatores
Between Religion and Ideology. Memory Creation?
Henryk Kowalski
Mark Antony – vir impius
Katarzyna Balbuza
Das Feiern der Besiegung Armeniens durch Marcus Antonius in Alexandria: ein Triumph, eine dionysische Pompe oder eine Feierlichkeit sui generis
Agata A. Kluczek
Marcus Antonius in the Space of “Oblivion” or About the Representation of the Temple on the denarius RRC 496/1
Sławomir Jędraszek
Roman Ideology Reflected in Egyptian Terracottas. Chosen Aspects
Family and Surroundings. From Solemnity to Eccentricity
Tomasz Ładoń
Mark Antony’s Forefathers. Comments on the Role of the gens Antonia in the Final Period of the Roman Republic
Hanna Appel
Fulvia and Antony
Dariusz Słapek
Lucius Antonius – gladiator Asiaticus. Gladiatorial Episode Seen Through the Eyes of M. Tullius Cicero
Agnieszka Dziuba
“The Effeminate Spartacus”.
The Rhetoric Description of Marc Antony in Cicero’s Philippics After Actium. Memory in the Hands of Strangers
Oleh Petrechko
Mark Antony’s damnatio memoriae and the Foundation of the Principate
Paweł Madejski
Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Avenger of His Father
Krzysztof Królczyk
„Tiberius Julius Sauromates (II.), Freund der Römer und des Kaisers”. Ein Nachkomme von Marcus Antonius auf dem bosporanischen Thron
Krzysztof Antczak
The Portrayal of Marc Antony in Rome and the Testimony of Plutarch from Chaeronea