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Middle Palaeolithic Human Activity and Palaeoecology: New Discoveries and Ideas

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ISBN: 978-83-229-3114-1
Description: softcover, 468 pages (24x17), ills.
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Middle Palaeolithic Human Activity and Palaeoecology: New Discoveries and Ideas, ed. by Jan Michal Burdukiewicz and Andrzej Wisniewski, Wroclaw 2010


Introduction (Jan Michal Burdukiewicz and Andrzej Wisniewski)
Nicolas Rolland, The early human occupation of high latitudes, boreal, continental and periglacial habitats: Middle Palaeolithic milestones in Northern Eurasia
Hans-Peter Schulz, The Susiluola Cave site in Western Finland - evidence of the northernmost Middle Palaeolithic settlement in Europe
Krzysztof Cyrek, The Bisnik Cave in Southern Poland: reconstruction of the Palaeolithic cave habitation in relation to the environmental changes
Eugeniusz Foltyn, Janusz K. Kozlowski, Jan M. Waga, Geochronology and environment of the pre-Eemian Middle Palaeolithic in Southern Poland .
Rudolf Musil, The environment of the Middle Palaeolithic sites in Central and Eastern Europe
Enrico Bruh , Thomas Laurat, The Middle Palaeolithic at the Geisel Valley - recent excavations at the fossil lake Neumark-Nord 2 (Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany)
Andrzej Wisniewski, Jan Fridrich, Early Middle Palaeolithic activity exemplified by the industry from Becov I, A-III-6 and other sites of Central Europe
Jan Fridrich, Ivana Fridrichova-Sykorova, Becov I and Becov IV: comparison of human activity in different Middle Palaeolithic cultures (Czech Republic)
Karel Valoch, Slavomil Vend, Stone axe: surprise or not in the Middle Palaeolithic?
Pawel Valde-Nowak, Mousterian sequences of the Oblazowa Cave (Polish Carpathians)
Lubomira Kaminska, Neue mittelpalaolitische Funde aus der Slowakei
Marta Poltowicz-Bobak, Les relations entre le support et l'outil dans les industries laminaires du Paleolithique moyen
Marie-Helene Moncel, Les etapes du peuplement de la moyenne vallee du Rhone (Sud-Est, France) du stade isotopique 9 au debut du stade isotopique 3. Etat des connais-sances sur le cadre chronologique, paleoenvironnemental et sur les comportements humains
Celine Thiebaut, Denticulate Mousterian: myth or reality?
Laura Longo, Paolo Giunti, Raw material exploitation during the Middle Palaeolithic in the Lessini Mountains (Verona, Veneto, Italy)
Stefano Grimaldi, Enza Spinapolice, The Late Mousterian of the Grotta Breuil (Monte Circeo, Lazio, Italy): interpreting new and ancient data
Avaham Ronen, Ivan Chernikov, The Mousterian of the red loam on the Carmel Coast (Israel)
Marco Hackel, Zur Technik des Schlagens am Beispiel der Schlagsteine von Bilzings-leben (Thuringen, Germany)