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Migration in Bronze and Early Iron Age Europe

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ISBN: 978-83-7638-043-8
Description: softcover, (24x17cm), 218 pp., figs
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Migration in Bronze and Early Iron Age Europe, Edited by Karol Dziegielewski, Marcin S. Przybyla, Anna Gawlik, Krakow 2010

The majority of the contributions to the current volume were presented as papers at the session 'Migration in Bronze and Early Iron Age Europe' during 14th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archeologists in La Valetta, Malta, in September 2008. It is worthwhile mentioning that all the participants of the session have delivered their contributions for publication. Additionally, a few further articles have been included [...] to make the volume more comprehensive. Introductory paper [...] serves the same purpose.

From the editors
Karol Dziegielewski, Marcin S. Przybyla and Anna Gawlik
Reconsidering Migration in Bronze and Early Iron Age Europe: Bridging a Gap in European Mobility?
Jan Bouzek
Migrations: Their Character and Interpretative Possibilities Concerning the Bronze Age
Slawomir Kadrow
Examples of Migration in the Early Phases of the Metal Ages from a Contemporary Sociological Perspective
Salvatore Vitale and Teresa Hancock Vitale
The Minoan and Mycenaean Expansion in the Dodecanese
The Evidence from the "Serraglio" on Kos and Its Theoretical Implications
Marcin S. Przybyla
Pottery Analyses as the Basis for Studying Migrations
The Case of Danubian Pottery Groups from the End of 2nd Millennium BC
Jacek Gorski
Migration and Cultural Change. Western Lesser Poland in 1300-1200 BC
Carola Metzner-Nebelsick
Aspects of Mobility and Migration in the Eastern Carpathian Basin and Adjacent Areas in the Early Iron Age (10th-7th centuries BC)
Anna Gawlik
Interpretation of Cultural Transformations in the Early Iron Age hi South-Eastern Poland and Western Ukraine
Karol Dziegielewski
Expansion of the Pomeranian Culture in Poland During the Early Iron Age: Remarks on the Mechanism and Possible Causes
Beata Stepahczak and Krzysztof Szostek
Stable Isotopes as a Fingerprint of Human Behaviour - Analysis of Human Archaeological Cremains: Problems and Perspectives
List of Contributors