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Mikerija Lilia Nilu

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ISBN: 978-83-937941-4-0
Description: softcover with flaps, 113 pp. (20x15cm), ills, limited edition
Condition: new
Weight: 190g.


Jozef Julian Sekowski (Baron Brambeus), Mikerija Lilia Nilu, Przeklad starożytnego papirusu egipskiego znalezionego na piersiach mumii odkrytej w tebanskich katakumbach, edited by Joachim Sliwa, Deadpxels, Krakow 2021

In Polish.

Józef Julian Sękowski (1800-1858) was one of the greatest orientalist of his era, a traveller, researcher, translator and publisher of source texts, as well as academic lecturer and professor. He made a significant impact on Russian literary life of the first half of the 19th century. As a writer and publicist he was known to the public mainly under his pen name “Baron Brambeus”. As a researcher, Sękowski criticized the approach of western orientalists who were trying to understand the mysteries of the East from outside, and argued for the need of deeper involvement, paired with abandoning the Europocentric point of view.