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Multas per gentes et multa per saecula

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ISBN: 978-83-948382-3-2
Description: hardcover, 688 pp. (30x21cm), col. and b&w phots., maps, plans, drawings
Condition: new
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Multas per gentes et multa per saecula amici magistro et collegae suo Ioanni Christopho Kozłowski dedicant, (ed. by) Paweł Valde-Nowak, Krzysztof Sobczyk, Marek Nowak, Jaroslaw Zralka, Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow 2018

It is my honour...
Paweł Valde-Nowak
Tabula gratulatoria
Stefan Karol Kozłowski
    Janusz Kozłowski, la finesse et l’érudition
Marcel Otte
    Keilmesser with tranchet blow from Grotte de la Verpillière I (Germolles, Saône-et-Loire, France)
Jens Axel Frick, Klaus Herkert, Christian Thomas Hoyer, Harald Floss
    The mystery of the bifacial knife from Osełków in the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland
Małgorzata Kot, Michał Przeździecki
    More scraper reduction sequences identified in Okiennik, Ciemna (Poland) and Samuilitsa II (Bulgaria)
     Middle Palaeolithic assemblages
Tsoni Tsonev
    Technology and typology of Szeletian leaf-shaped tools: Theoretical and methodological considerations
Zsolt Mester
    The Early Upper Palaeolithic assemblage of arch-backed points from Kraków-Zwierzyniec site 1
Damian Stefański
    The Uluzzian 50 years later
Annamaria Ronchitelli, Adriana Moroni, Paolo Boscato, Paolo Gambassini
    The role of the Northern Adriatic region in the Protoaurignacian spread towards Mediterranean Europe
Alberto Broglio, Stefano Bertola, Fabio Negrino
    European perspectives of the East European LGM Epi-Aurignacian with Sagaidak-Muralovka-type microliths
Yuri E. Demidenko, Petr Škrdla, Joseba Rios-Garaizar
    The new Upper-Palaeolithic cave site in the Polish Jura (Ogrodzieniec-Podzamcze, shelter Birów IV)
Krzysztof Cyrek
   The dead, the shaman – and the chief? Status and prestige during the Gravettian
Thorsten Uthmeier
   Kraków Spadzista – A Gravettian site of mammoth hunters
Piotr Wojtal, Jarosław Wilczyński, Krzysztof Sobczyk
   Upper Palaeolithic settlement in Iberia: 20 years of research in the Côa Valley (Portugal)
Thierry Aubry
   Les constructions en os de mammouths de l’habitat Paleolithique de Gontsy (Ukraine): etude preliminaire
Lioudmila Iakovleva, François Djindjian
   Early Magdalenian microliths from Mirande 1 (Nègrepelisse, Tarn-et-Garonne, France)
Gerhard Bosinski
   A possible structure in the Lower Magdalenian horizon of El Mirón Cave (Cantabria, Spain)
Lawrence Guy Straus, Manuel R. González-Morales
   An essay on the archaeostratigraphy of the Magdalenian and the Final Palaeolithic in Central Germany
Clemens Pasda
   Late Magdalenian campsite in a rock shelter at the Obłazowa Rock
Paweł Valde-Nowak, Anna Kraszewska, Magda Cieśla, Adam Nadachowski
   Versions mobilières et pariétales d’un motif géométrique non figuratif dans la grotte Gazel (Aude, France).
     Implications chrono-culturelles
Dominique Sacchi
   A note on the Upper Palaeolithic industrial sequence in the lower Louros river valley, district of Preveza,
     Epirus, northwest Greece
Eugenia Adam
   Working together on the origins of voyaging in the Eastern Mediterranean
Albert J. Ammerman, Jay S. Noller
   Traces of presence of the Late Palaeolithic hunters in Toruń and its surroundings
Beata Bielińska-Majewska
   Fire striker from Federmesser campsite Nowa Biała 1 (Poland)
Jakub Skłucki, Anna Kraszewska, Mateusz Biborski, Paweł Valde-Nowak
   The oldest strike-a-lights in Poland. The preliminary results of microwear and chemical analysis
Grzegorz Osipowicz, Iwona Sobkowiak-Tabaka,
Mariusz Bosiak
   The microlithisation of chipped stones in the Old World: Case-studies from the Crimea and northern Italy
Paolo Biagi, Elisabetta Starnini
   The Mesolithic raw stone materials in the Tyrol and the adjacent area
Albert Wydrzycki
   Mapping the Mesolithic
Erwin Cziesla
   At the edge of two worlds: Hunter-gatherers and early farmers in the Polish Lowlands
Jacek Kabaciński, Agnieszka Czekaj-Zastawny, Thomas Terberger
   Mesolithic materials from sites 3 and 4 in Kraków-Kobierzyn
Justyna Zakrzeńska
   The Neolithic stove and the artefacts inside it from Ayakagytma ‘The Site’, Kyzyl-kums, Central Asia
Karol Szymczak, Mukhiddin Khudzhanazarov
   Bridging up Anatolia. Çatalhöyük and northwestern Anatolia in the Late Neolithic
Arkadiusz Marciniak
   The architecture of Gilgal I revisited
Olivier Aurenche, Stefan Karol Kozłowski
   A new hypothesis on the emergence of the Early Neolithic Cardial culture
Jean Guilaine
   Bullet core pendants from South Marmara region
Ivan Gatsov, Petranka Nedelcheva
   The Neolithic house in the Eastern Balkans
Vassil Nikolov
   A retrospect on yellow spotted flint
Barbara Voytek
   The woman, the pots, and the cattle figurine. New materiality of an early ALP burial from Polgár-Ferenci-hát
Pál Raczky, Alexandra Anders
   A short report on the research of the earliest Alföld Linear Pottery culture in Hernád Valley,
     North-eastern Hungary
Piroska Csengeri
   The contribution of finds from feature no. 1/12 at Ražňany (distr. Sabinov, Slovakia) for the problem
     of foreign influences in the area of the Bükk culture
Anton Karabinoš, Marek Nowak, Marián Vizdal, Adriána Voľanská
   Colorants used to decorate the Bükk culture vessels
Agnieszka Czekaj-Zastawny, Anna Rauba-Bukowska, Rastislav Hreha
   Preliminary data on the house structures of the LBK settlement at Apc-Berekalja (NE-Hungary)
László Domboróczki
   The possible participation of autochthonous Mesolithic inhabitants in the Neolithisation of Upper Silesia
Vratislav Janák, Kateřina Papáková
   Flint raw material economy among the earliest Danubian communities from the Sandomierz Upland area
     (south-central Poland)
Marcin Szeliga
   Šárka in Volhynia
Andrij B. Bardec’kyj, Maciej Dębiec, Thomas Saile
   North-eastern periphery of Neolithic Europe
Stanisław Kukawka, Jolanta Małecka-Kukawka
   Is length significant? LBK longhouses and the social context in central-eastern Europe
Lech Czerniak
   The importance of obsidian distribution during the Neolithic in the Cir
cum-Carpathian Area
Małgorzata Kaczanowska
   A unique early Neolithic pendant of the Linear Pottery culture from site 10 at Kruszyn, Włocławek commune
Dominik Kacper Płaza, Piotr Papiernik, Wojciech Siciński
   Nicolaevca V – preliminary information on the 2016 excavations of a Neolithic and Copper Age settlement
     in Northern Moldova
Stanislav Țerna, Maciej Dębiec, Andreea Vornicu-Țerna, Mariana Vasilache-Curoșu, Thomas Saile
   A note to the origins of the idea of rondels
Jaromír Kovárník
   Analysis of the placement strategy of rondelsin the cultural landscape
Jaromír Kovárník, Štěpán Kravciv
  Chipped stone inventories of the Malice culture from southern Poland
Jarosław Wilczyński
   Research on the Neolithic flint workshop at the Bębło-Zachruście Site, Lesser Poland:
     Description of cores in the Pleszów-Modlnica group of the Lengyel culture
Elżbieta Trela-Kieferling
The mainstream of Eneolithic flint-working of the Balkan-Danubian cultures
Anna Zakościelna
   Can we talk about the Copper Age in Lesser Poland? Contribution to the discussion
Stanisław Wilk
   Pre-Baden cultural horizon in the Eneolithic of western Lesser Poland
Albert Zastawny
   The new features of the Baden culture from the Kraków-Cło site
Janusz Bober
   The current state of research on the flint industry in the Pre-Baden and Classic Baden horizons
     in western Lesser Poland
Agnieszka Brzeska-Pasek
   'Defence construction' of the 4th/3rd millennium BC on the Vistula and Odra:
     Inspirations from the Baden culture
Aleksander Kośko, Marzena Szmyt
   Traces of the Bell Beakers’ contacts with the Funnel Beaker communities in Central Pomerania
Jacek Wierzbicki
The erratic stone raw material reservoir in the Polish Lowland and its procurement and selection
     within the local late Neolithic societies. Choices between the ‘gift’ from the glacial past
     and the Earth’s natural resources of the ‘south’
Piotr Chachlikowski
   New perspectives on the Battle Axe culture of southern Sweden
Lars Larsson
   Can the study of flint assemblages say something about the political relations in the early history of Egypt?
Michał Kobusiewicz
   Tell el-Farkha as a trade centre between Egypt and the Levant in the 4th millennium BC
Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz
   HLC Project. New polish archaeological activity in At-Tafileh micro-region (south Jordan)
Piotr Kołodziejczyk, Michał Wasilewski, Marcin Czarnowicz, Jacek Karmowski, Julia Kościuk,
Aleksandra Węgrzynek
   On the beginnings of prehistory and on chipped flints in the Late Bronze Age
Jacek Lech, Dagmara H. Werra
   Caves in the Post-medieval landscape of the Polish Jura Chain
Michał Wojenka
   Palaeolithic and Neolithic wood charcoal remains as important tools for chronological, ethnographic
     and environmental studies
Magdalena Moskal-del Hoyo, María Ntinou, Yolanda Carrión Marco, Paloma Vidal-Matutano, Ernestina Badal
   Traces of supposed Neolithic plant husbandry in the multicultural site 3 at Miechów, southern Poland
Aldona Mueller-Bieniek, Magdalena Moskal-del Hoyo, Magda Kapcia, Marcin M. Przybyła
   Vegetation history of the surrounding environment of Sarakenos Cave, Central Greece:
     A palaeoecological perspective
Chrysanthi Ioakim, Adamantios Sampson, Antonia Tsourouni
   From Clovis hunters to Pueblo farmers: The pre-Columbian period in the Mesa Verde region
     of the North American Southwest
Radosław Palonka
   Incised ceramics from Nakum, Guatemala
Jarosław Źrałka, Christophe Helmke, Bernard Hermes, Wiesław Koszkul
Landscape in flux: Geopolitics among Classic Maya societies in Petén, Guatemala.
     An example from the Poza Maya Research Project
Magdalena H. Rusek-Karska
   The “Bird Lot Style”: Its characteristics, and power garments in Chimu culture (Peru)
Victòria Solanilla Demestre
   A garden in the desert: Lima agriculture and environment in Lomas de Lachay, Peru
Piotr Kalicki, Tomasz Kalicki, Piotr Kittel
   Debating lithics from pre-colonial sites in Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela (AD 1000-1500)
Andrzej T. Antczak, Ma. Magdalena Antczak, Arturo Jaimes