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Coptic and Nubian Pottery, Part II

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Description: softcover, 87 pp. (23x31 cm), figs, 1000 vols. issued
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W. Godlewski (ed.), National Museum in Warsaw, Coptic and Nubian Pottery, Part II, International Workshop, Nieborow, August 29-31, 1988, Warsaw 1991

E. Strouhal
Further analysis of the fine handmade pottery of Egyptian Nubia in 3rd - 5th century A.D
D. Welsby
Pottery production and supply at Soba East
K. Grzymski
Ceramic material from the Letti Basin area
J. Phillips
Christian pottery from Hambukol
K. Pluskota
A pottery production centre from the Early Christian Period
M. Daszkiewicz, J. Rabe
Pottery from the kiln site at Old Dongola - determination of the firin temperature
L.M.V. Smith
Pottery from Old Dongola: technical analysis
Programme of the Wrokshop
List of participants