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Notae Numismaticae vol. I

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Description: 140 pages, maps, photographs
Condition: good (water traces in the lower part of the book)
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Notae Numismaticae vol. I, Cracow 1996



More than a hundred years ago, in 1884, Mieczyslaw Kurnatowski began publishing in Cracow the oldest Polish journal devoted to numismatics and sigillography titled "Zapiski Numizmatyczne" (Numismatic Notes). In 1889, the publication was replaced by the "Wiadomosci Numizmatyczno-Archeologiczne" (Numismatic-Archeological Neivs) issued by tlie Cracow Numismatic Society. The journal's last volume spanning the years 1940-1948 came out in 1949. Since then, the numismatic community in Cracow has stopped publishing its own scholarly numismatic periodical. The "Wiadomosci Numizmatyczno-Archeologiczne" is now continued by the internationally renowned "Wiadomosci Numizmatyczne" (Numismatic News) appearing since 1957 in Warsaw. Yet, the absence for almost half a century of a scholarly numismatic journal in Cracow has distressed our community, and the recurring thought has been that of reviving one.
In an attempt to satisfy these expectations and keep up the commendable numismatic traditions of our city, we begin publishing a new series titled "Notae Numismaticae -Zapiski Numizmatyczne". It is brought to you by the National Museum in Cracow in cooperation with the Numismatic Section of the Archeological Committee of the Polish Academy of Science (Cracow Chapter) and the Jagiellonian University. We welcome contributions from colleagues in other centers.
We rely on the presence in our journal of papers by an ever greater number of numismatists, but also archeologists, historians, art historians, philologists, and representatives of other related fields sharing an interest in the history of coins. We look forward not only to strictly numismatic information, but also to reflection and discussion on coins as a historical source and a testimony to language and culture.
Contributions addressed to a wider audience are going to be published in foreign languages, others will appear in Polish. Each will feature a summary in Polish or a foreign language respectively.
We dedicate the first issue of "Notae Numismaticae-Zapiski Niimizmatyczne" to the outstanding numismatist and collector Emeryk Hutten-Czapski, who settled in Cracow in 1894. He went to live in a little palace in Wolska Street (now 12 Pilsudskiego St.) where he also housed his ample collection. In 7972, his family honored the late Emeryk's will and donated the palace complete with the imposing collection to the city of Cracow. The coins, medals, and banknotes of Czapski's collection are kept in the same building to this day and constitute the foundation of the National Museum's Numismatic Cabinet.
As we commence our journal sub bonis auspiciis of Emeryk Hutten-Czapski, we believe that the volume dedicated to him will prove worthy of the Cracow numismatic tradition.