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On the Borders of Syracuse, Multidysciplinary Studies on the Ancient Town of Akrai/Acrae, Sicily

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ISBN: 978-83-61367-75-0
Description: paperback, 427 pp. (29,5x21 cm), figs.
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On the Borders of Syracuse, Multidysciplinary Studies on the Ancient Town of Akrai/Acrae, Sicily, Ed. by Roksana Chowaniec, University of Warsaw, Warsaw 2018

Notes of contributors
Maria Musumeci
On the borders of Syracuse: Multidisciplinary studies on the ancient town of Akrai/Acre, Sicily
Roksana Chowaniec
Roksana Chowaniec
Articulating the Roman culture in Hellenistic Sicily. The small finds illustrate the local histor
Giovanni Uggeri
The ancient road network around the ancient town Akrai
Roksana Chowaniec, Marta Fitula, Marcin Matera, Tomasz Wiecek
Integrated approach to study the vicinity of ancient town Akrai. Survey perspective
Rosa Lanteri
Akrai between Late Antiquity and Byzantine period
Santino Alessandro Cugno
Late Antique rural settlements in the territory of ancient Akrai.
New investigations and research prospects
Roksana Chowaniec, Elissavet Dotsika, Anna Grezak
Late Hellenistic to Later Roman/Byzantine periods faunal and flora assemblage in
the ancient town Akrai. Environment and food circulation reconstruction
Anna Grezak
Animal economy and meat diet of inhabitants of Akrai on the basis
of analysis of faunal remains
Krzysztof Domzalski
Quantifying and contextualizing pottery from Akrai. General information with
particular attention to the Fine Ware evidence
Jolanta Mlynarczyk
Plain Table Ware from Akrai. Hellenistic to Early Imperial period assemblage.
Laurent Chrzanovski
For a lychnological panopticon of Akrai before and during the Early Imperial period.
Tomasz Wiecek
The coin of Akrai. La primavera
Marta Fitula
The Roman hairpins made of bone
Monika Stobiecka
Multifunctionality of stone objects - first remarks on marble mortars from Akrai.
Marcin Wagner
Small glass finds from Akrai
Miron Bogacki
Methods of photographic and photogrammetric field documentation from the air (UAV) and from the ground during the 2014 and 2015 seasons in the site of Akrai