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Orbis Aethiopicus, Beiträge zu Geschichte, Religion und Kunst Äthiopiens, Band X

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ISBN: 978-83-227-2692-1
Description: softcover with flaps, 280 pp. (24x17cm), photographs
Condition: very good
Weight: 580g.

Orbis Aethiopicus, Beiträge zu Geschichte, Religion und Kunst Äthiopiens, Band X, Ethiopian Art - a Unique Cultural Heritage and Modern Challenge, (Ed. by) Walter Raunig und Prinz Asfa-Wossen Asserate, UMCS University Press, Lublin 2007


Vorwort des Herausgebers der Reihe »Bibliotheca nubica et aethiopica«
Grusswort der Vorsitzenden der Orbis-Aethiopicus-Gesellschaft an den Jubilar Stanistaw Chojnacki
Bibliographic des Jubilars seit 1990
Programm der 10. wissenschaftlichen Konferenz in Leipzig "Ethiopian Art -A Unique Cultural Heritage and Modern Challenge" vom 24.-26. Juni 2005 (Faksimile)
STANISLAW CHOJNACKI - New discoveries: the Italianate school reconsidered (with 14 fig.)
Geschichte & Politik
RITA PANKHURST - Art in the the service of diplomacy in Shawa in the early eighteen-forties: "A treaty, and a letter from King Sahla Sellase to Queen Victoria" (with 20 fig.)
RUDOLF AGSTNER - Austria - Ethiopia: a century of diplomatic relations
URSULA GEHRING-MUNZEL -100 Jahre deutsch-athiopische diplomatische
JOACHIM PERSSON - Confronting the Revolution: The Discourse of Ethiopian Spiritual Art in a Totalitarian State
Kunst und Ikonographie
EVA BALICKA-WITAKOWSKA - The Wail-Paintings in the Sanctuary of the Church of Gannata Mary am near Lalibala (with IV + 13 fig.)  
DAVID W. PHILLIPSON - A new sequence, chronology and evaluation of the Lalibela rock-cut churches (with 5 fig.)
PAUL B. HENZE - Church and monastery treasures of Tigray (private,with 12 fig.)
MICHAEL GERVERS - Two late sixteenth-century Roman engravings from the rock-cut church of Maryam Dengelat (Haremat, Tigray) (with 26 fig.)
RICHARD PANKHURST - Detached Ethiopian Illustrated Manuscript Folios from Maqdala (with 5 fig.)
ELISABETH BIASIO - Die zeitgenossische Malerei im traditionellen Stil - Berhanu Yemanu und sein Sohn Getaccaw Berhanu (mit 9 Abb.n)
DOROTHEA McEwAN - White on Black. The 'Ethiopians' in The Image
of the Black in Western Art (with 29 fig.)
PIOTR O. SCHOLZ - Wer war der Mohrenkonig in Bethlehem? (mit 12 Abb.n)
CHRISTINE CHAILLOT - Veneration of Icons in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
MAGDELENA STOYANOVA - Denominazioni amariche in una ricetta copta per tingere la lana (& faximile)