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Orbis Parthicus. Studies in Memory of Professor Jozef Wolski

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ISBN: 978-83-233-2826-1
Description: softcover, 266 pp (24x17 cm), photographs, drawings, plans
Condition: new
Weight: 505g.



Orbis Parthicus. Studies in Memory of Professor Jozef Wolski, ed. by E. Dabrowa, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2009

Josef Wiesehofer, Nouruz in Persepolis? Eine Residenz, das Neujahrsfest und eine Theorie
Jerome Gaslain, A propos d'Arsace Ier
Edward Dabrowa, Mithradates I and the Beginning of the Ruler-cult in Parthia
Carlo Lippolis, Notes on the Iranian Traditions in the Architecture of Parthian Nisa
Roberta Menegazzi, La figura del cavaliere nella coroplastica di Seleucia alTigri
Federicomaria Muccioli, Il problema del culto del sovrano nella regalita arsacide: appunti per una discussione
Gholamreza F. Assar, Some Important Seleucid and Parthian Dates in the Babylonian Goal-Year Texts
Gholamreza F. Assar, Artabanus of Trogus Pompeius' 41st Prologue
Alberto M. Simonetta, The Coinage of the so-called Parthian "Dark Age" Revisited
Gholamreza F. Assar, Some Remarks on the Chronology and Coinage of the Parthian "Dark Age"
Giusto Traina, Note in margine alia battaglia di Carre
Udo Hartmann, Ein Arsakide im Heer des Septimius Severus. Uberlegungen zu den Hintergrunden des zweiten Partherkrieges



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