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Pachoras, Faras, The wall paintings from the Cathedrals of Aetios, Paulos and Petros

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ISBN: 978-83-942288-7-3
Description: paperback, 474 pp. (29,5x21 cm), figs., plates
Condition: new
Weight: 1775g.

Stefan Jakobielski et al., Pachoras, Faras, The wall paintings from the Cathedrals of Aetios, Paulos and Petros , PAM Monograph Series 4, Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw 2017

The present volume is the ultimate catalogue synthesis of the wall paintings from the Pachoras cathedral discovered by Polish archaeologists in Faras in 1961-1964. The discovery, which revolutionized knowledge of the Middle Nile region and put the Christian kingdoms of Nubia on the scientific map, was made as part of the UNESCO Nubian Campaign salvaging the antiquities of Nubia. It follows on the first volume by Wlodzimierz Godlewski which presented the architecture of the cathedral (Pachoras. The Cathedrals of Aetios, Paulos and Petros. The Architecture).
The catalogue was written and edited by Stefan Jakobielski with the contribution of several colleagues working on different issues connected with the iconography of these murals. Their findings are enhanced by remarkable and well researched drawings, as well as a useful foldout timeline to help understand the long history of the painted decoration inside the cathedral.

Stefan Jakobielski
Stefan Jakobielski
Site and excavations
Saving the wall paintings
Architectural setting       
Stefan Jakobielski
Chronology of the wall paintings      
Stefan Jakobielski
Phasing of the murals
The first murals
The “new” cathedral of Petros  
New painting after the remodelling of the naos (third plaster coat)
Last renovation
Inscriptions as chronological indicators
Protection scenes
Other chronological indicators
Summing up
Nature and manner of the wall painting   
Malgorzata Martens-Czarnecka
Original décor
Second group of paintings
Intermediary period
First renovation – second plaster coat (early 10th century): nubian painting
Second renovation – third plaster coat (second half of 10th century): classical nubian painting
Robes, ornaments and colouring in the classical phase     
Facial features in the classical phase
Late phase
Terminal phase of Christian art in nubia (second half of 13th–14th century)
Locating in time and space (block of useful data)      
List of Bishops of Pachoras – a timeframe
Wall paintings listed by Catalogue numbers
Timeline (foldout)
Wall paintings by subjects/themes (index)
Paintings on the walls (location)   
Ornaments: motifs, patterns and pattern repeats by phases
Glossary of dress terms
Comparative sets of portraits of bishops of Pachoras, kings and nubian dignitaries
Concordance of wall painting numbers