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Paganism in the Later Roman Empire and in the Byzantium

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ISBN: 83-7052-027-8
Description: 184 pages (20x14,5cm), 26 ilustrations; 1500 vols. issued
Condition: very good -
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Paganism in the Later Roman Empire and in the Byzantium, ed. by Maciej Salamon, Cracow 1991

Lellia Cracco Ruggini, Quirinus and Peter: The Ideological Function of an Ancient Cult (III-IV Century)
Elzbieta Jastrzebowska, Deux sarcophages d'enfants aux catacombes de Novatien a Rome
Maria Dzielska Ipazia e la sua cerchia intellettuale
Augustyn Eckmann, Pagan Religion in Roman Africa at the Turn of the 4th Century as Reflected in the Letters of St. Augustine
Kazimierz Ilski, Die Gesetzgebung Theodosius II gegen die Heiden
Helena Cichocka, Zosimus' Account of Christianity
Marek Wilczynski, Bemerkungen uber das Verhaltnis der Wandalenkonige zu den Ueberresten des Heiden-tums in nordafrikanischen Provinzen
Michael Whitby, John of Ephesus and the Pagans: Pagan Survivals in the Sixth Century
Use Rochow, Der Vorwurf des Heidentums als Mittel der innenpolitischen Polemik in Byzanz
Malgorzata Dabrowska, Hellenism at the Court of Despots of Mistra in the First Half of the Fifteenth Century
Anna Rozycka Bryzek, Miraculous Flight on Clouds in Byzantine Art: Antique Imagery Transformed



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