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Panoply in Defence of Orthodoxy

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ISBN: 978-83-8220-487-2
Description: softcover, 285 pages (24x17cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 495g.


M. Tsibranska-Kostova, I. A. Biliarsky, Panoply in Defence of Orthodoxy, The Case of Moldavian Manuscript BAR Ms. Slav. 636, 16th Century, Series Ceranea vol. 9, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2021

The monograph is dedicated to the Slavic manuscript BAR Ms. Slav. 636 from the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest, compiled in the Principality of Moldavia in 1557 during the reign of the Moldavian ruler Alexandru Lăpuşneanu (1552-1561; 1564-1568) and under the Suceava Metropolitan Gregory II, written by the hand of Hierodeacon Hilarion, in all probability in the Neamt Monastery. The manuscript is an occasion for the study of a cultural phenomenon related to faith, law and literature, characteristic of the two Romanian principalities, where during the Late Middle Ages a special synthesis of the literary heritage bequeathed by the South Slavs. The manuscript is a collection with mixed content of anthological sort, type of monastic encyclopaedia, with an unusually rich combination of texts of different genres and themes: legal, dogmatic, polemical, chronicle, apocryphal, and others. The aim of the authors is to study and publish the individual texts from the collection, revealing the overall message of the manuscript as a real verbal armament, a real spiritual sword in the fight against heresies for the salvation of human souls.

Part one. The Slavic Manuscript BAR Ms. Slav. 636 in the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest. General Characteristics
Part two. The Law Section of the Manuscript. The Nomocanon of Slavia Orthodoxa. On the Two Sides of the Danube in the 16th Century and Manuscript BAR Ms. Slav. 636 47
Part three. The Manuscript Part Devoted to Doctrine and Controversy
Chapter I. Encyclical Letter of the Three Patriarchs regarding the Consequences of the Florentine Union
Chapter II. Two Sermons against the “German Delusion” in BAR Ms. Slav. 636.
Part four. Historical Texts
Chapter I. Lists of Patriarchs
Chapter II. Tale about the Ecumenical Councils
Chapter III. Moldavian Chronicles
Part five. Apocrypha in the Manuscript BAR Ms. Slav. 636.
Chapter I. General Remarks on the Apocrypha Contained in the Collection
Chapter II. The Testament of Abraham and its Presence in the BAR Ms. Slav. 636.
Chapter III. Ukaz [Tale] How God Created the Brotherhood of the Cross
Instead of a Conclusion