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Pre-pottery Neolithic site in Iraq (General Report - Seasons 1985-1986), Nemrik 9

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ISBN: 83-230-0282-7
Description: softcover, 236 pages (24x17); 1st edition, 500 vols issued
Condition: very good
Weight: 395g.

Pre-pottery Neolithic site in Iraq (General Report - Seasons 1985-1986), Nemrik 9, S. K. Kozlowski (ed.), Warsaw University Press, Warsaw 1990

Preface (W.A. Daszewski)
Introduction (S.K. Kozlowski)
I. Stefan K. Kozlowski, The site and excavations
II, Andrzej Kempisty, Relics of architecture
III. Karol Szymczak, Human remains
17. Stefan K. Kozlowski, Karol Szymczak, Flint industry
V. Ryszard F. Mazurowski, Ground stone industry
VI. Ryszard F. Mazurowski, Stone vessels
VII. Stefan K. Kozlowski, Ryszard F. Mazurowski,
VIII. Andrzej Kempisty, Stefan K.. Kozlowski, Objects of art
IX. Stefan K. Kozlowski, Concluding remarks
1. Wojciech Nawrot, Physico-chemical and strength analyses of limestone and clay samples collected from archaeological excavations in Nemrik /Iraq/
2. Andrzej Kempisty, Commentary to the expertise of building materials
3. Stefan K. Kozlowski, Microwear study
4. Kazimierz A. Dobrowolaki, Sculpted bird heads from Nemrik /tentative ornithological expertise/
5. Alicja Lasota-Moskalewska, Preliminary archaeozoolo-gioal investigation of animal remains from site Nemrik 9 in Iraq
6. Stefan K. Kozlowski, Commentary on the strati-graphic position of faunistio remains
7. Stefan K9 Kozlowslti, Molluscs
8. Stefan K. Kozlowski, Palaeolithic and Erotoneolithic materials
9. Ryszard P. Mazurowski, Choppers and chopping-tools
10. Andrzej Reiche, Tell from historical times
11. Stefan K. Kozlowski, Flint and obsidian artifacts connected with the historical tell