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Problems of the Stone Age in Pomerania

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ISBN: 83-233-0114-X
Description: softcover, 282 pages (23x17), figs.; 719 vols. issued
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Archaeologia Interregionalis, Problems of the Stone Age in Pomerania, ed. by Tadeusz Malinowski, Warsaw University Press 1986

From the Editor
Tadeusz Malinowski: Introduction to Problems of the Stone Age in Pomerania
Stefan Karol Kozlowski; Selected Fragments of the Oldest History of Pomerania and Masuria
Tadeusz Wislanski: The Role of Pomerania in the Neolithic
Kazimierz Tobolsk!: Introduction to the Postglacial History of Vegetation in Western Pomerania
Franciszek Roznowski: Issues of Anthropological Study of Stone Age Populations in Pomerania
Krzysztof Cyrek, Ryszard Grygiel, Krystian Nowak: The Basis for Distinguishing the Ceramic Mesolithic in the Polish Lowland
Zbigniew Bagniewski: Remarks on Mesolithic Settlement in the Southern Part of the Kashubian Lakeland
Lech Czerniak: Band Pottery Danubian Culture in Pomerania
Dobrochna Jankowska: Funnel Beaker and Globular Amphorae Cultures in Pomerania
Elzbieta Kempisty: Neolithic Cultures of the Forest Zone in Northern Poland
Jan Machnik: Cultural Continuity and Discontinuity at the Turn of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age in Western and Central Pomerania
Bogdan Balcer: From Studies of Neolithic Flint Industry Development in Pomerania
Lucyna Domanska: Selected Problems of Coastal Zone Flint Industry in the Stone Age
Danuta Krol: Remarks on the Flint Industry of the Rzucewo Culture
Magdalena Kidgley: From Studies of the So-Called Kuiavian Long Barrows
Discussion (compiled by Stanislaw Kukcawka)
Wlodzimierz Wojciechowski:  Speach Closing the Symposium "Problems of the Stone Age in Pomerania"
List of Authors