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Proceedings of the Fifth Central European Conference of Young Egyptologists. Egypt 2009: Perspectives of Research

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ISBN: 978-83-7549-115-9
Description: softcover, 222 pp. (21x30),107 figs.
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Proceedings of the Fifth Central European Conference of Young Egyptologists. Egypt 2009: Perspectives of Research. Pultusk 22-24 June 2009, ed. by J. Popielska-Grzybowska, J. Iwaszczuk, Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology, Pultusk 2009

Karol MYSLIWIEC, Pultusk - between Budapest, Cambridge and Warsaw
Kamila BRAULINSKA, Some Remarks on Interpreting Canidae in Egyptian Art. Predynastic until Late Period
Julia BUDKA, Ankh-Hor Revisited: Study, Documentation and Pubb'cation of Forgotten Finds from the Asasif
Artur BUSZEK, Early Dynastic Representations of Dwarfs - Research Perspectives
Marcin CZARNOWICZ, Early Egyptian - Levantine Relations. Perspectives of Research, View from Tell el-Farkha
Piotr CZERKWINSKi, A Genealogy of a Theban Family between 3rd and 1st Century BC
Andrzej CWIEK, The Bzn-Substance
Jadwiga IWASZCZUK, Surprising Mime Stones from the Metropolitan House Storeroom, Luxor
Krzysztof JAKUBIAK, Tell Farama, Pelusium. City Urban Planning Reconstruction in the Light of the Last Researches
Bozena JOZEFOW, Joanna POPIELSKA-GRZYBOWSKA, Preliminary Remarks on the Rites of Passage in the Pyramid Texts
Mariusz A. JUCHA, The North-Eastern Part of the Nile Delta - Research Perspectives. Polish Archaeological Survey in the Ash-Sharqiyyah Governorate
Nicole KLOTH, Propylaeum: Virtual Library Classical Studies - Egyptology
Piotr KOLODZIEJCZYK, The Nile Delta during the Predynastic and the Early Dynastic Periods - Recent Discoveries and Perspectives
Agnieszka KOWALSKA, Kamil KURASZKIEWICZ, Zbigniew GODZIEJEWSKI, Old Kingdom Burials with Funerary Plaster Masks from Saqqara.
Adam LUKASZEWICZ, A Man Speaks to His Soul: Count Jan Potocki (1761-1815) and the Beginnings of Egyptology
Agnieszka MACZYNSKA, How and Why is Pottery Useful for Understanding Archaeology of Predynastic Egypt? A Few Practical Examples from the Site at Tell el-Farkha
Szymon MASLAK, How to Build in Marshy Lands? - Some Remarks on Brick Constructions in Roman and Byzantine Pelusium
Michat NESKA, Egyptian Infantry in the New Kingdom - an Iconographical Survey
Andrzej NIWINsKI, The Double Structure of the Entity. The Ancient Egyptian Conception of the Human Being Reconsidered
Grzegorz PRYC, Stone Vessels from the Graves of the Tell el-Farkha Site. Seasons 2001-2008. Preliminary Classifications
Marta SANKIEWICZ, Cosmological Frames on the Lunettes in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari
Nigel STRUDWICK, Information Technology in Egyptology: the Past and the Future
Elena VALTORTA, The Ritualised Body: Body Treatment and Ritual Practices in Egyptian Predynastic Burials
Dawid F. WIECZOREK, Some Remarks on Dates in the Building-Dipmri Discovered in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari
Leszek ZINKOW, Egyptian Revival in Central Europe. Research Project Proposal