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Prosopographical Studies on the Court Elite in the Roman Empire (4th century A. D.)

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ISBN: 978-83-231-3143-4
Description: softcover, 509 pp. (23x16cm)
Condition: very good (small shelf damages of the cover)
Weight: 770g.

Szymon Olszaniec, Prosopographical Studies on the Court Elite in the Roman Empire (4th century A. D.), Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika, Torun 2013

The work concludes author’s long interest in the palace elite of the Roman Empire in the 4th century A.D. He tries to fill the lack of modern monograph dedicated to the group of four heads of palace administration: quaestor (QSP), master of office’s (Mag. Off.), count of the sacred largesse (CSL) and count of the privy purse (CRP), who formed the emperor’s council which met in the consistory of the imperial palace, thus often being referred to as comites consistoriani. The work uses the alphabetical order of biograms. They contain information about: names, social and regional background, career, religion, family and connections, education and professional qualifications, and collects literature concerning them.

I. Introduction
I.1. Palace ministries in the hierarchy of ranks
I.2. Civil law privileges
II. The Prosopography
II.1. Initial assumptions: the way of making biograms
II.2. The Biograms
Fasti of comites consistoriani divided according to particular courts
List of abbreviations
Index of historical names

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