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Przeworsk Culture, Transformation processes and external contacts

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ISBN: 978-83-8142-755-5
Description: hardback, 588 pp. (30x21cm)
Condition: new
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M. Piotrowska, M. Oledzki, A. Michalowski, K. Kot-Legiec (eds.), Przeworsk Culture, Transformation processes and external contacts, Lodz 2019


In the present volume the reader will find 25 original and mostly innovative statements, all adhering to the highest scientific standards. They share a common theme, which is the changes and transformations of the Przeworsk culture community and its relations with other Central European populations and cultures, commonly known as the Barbaricum. When recommending our joint, pioneering effort, we hope that the content will not only pique our readers’ interest, but will also engender further reflection and study as well as encourage active involvement in deliberations naturally expected in the field of science