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Quarries in Roman Provinces

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ISBN: 83-04-01394-0
Description: softcover, 205pp. (24x16,5)
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Angelina Dworakowska, Quarries in Roman Provinces, Ossolineum, Wroclaw 1983

I. Introduction
Survey of quarries in individual provinces (10) Legal status of quarries and management methods (26)
II. State of research
III. The evidence
1. Archaeological sources
Quarries (38) Stone artefacts (64) Tools (74)
2. Written sources
General information. Scientific literature. Belles-lettres (87) Official and private documents (98)
3. Iconographic sources
IV. Stone extraction in quarries
A. Opencast quarries
1. The opening of a quarry
Prospecting for useful deposits (118) Preparation of the grounds for exploitation (123) (Development of the grounds. Preparation of the field to be quarried. Organization of workplace)
2. Dimension stone extraction techniques
Basic Eoman techniques in the light of the development of quarrying techniques in antiquity (138) (Development of quarrying techniques in Assuan and Mayen. The role of wedges; The role of cuts). Saw cutting (150). Initial shape of extracted raw material (152)
3. Broken stone extraction
4. Exploitation of stone from stone fields
B. Underground quarries
C.   Quality control of extracted stone
V. Conclusion
Polish summary
Index of Greek terms