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Sacral Landscape in Hatra

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ISBN: 978-83-61376-89-7
Description: softcover, 173 pp. (29x20,5cm),29 ills.
Condition: new
Weight: 430g.




Krzysztof Jakubiak, Sacral Landscape in Hatra, Institute of Archaeology, Warsaw University, Warsaw 2014

Chapter I: The architecture of the Great Temenos
1. The "Hellenistic Temple" or the Maran Temple
2. The Hypaithral Temple
3. The Samya Temple
4. The Temple of Shahiru
5. The Triple Iwan
6. The Temple of Allat
7. The Large Iwans complex: Northern Part: The Twin Iwans
8. Iwan no. 9 and attached Rooms no. 10 and 11.
9. The Large Northern Iwan (The Iwan no. 13 or so called Iwan of Martan)
10. The walls between the Large Iwans (the minor division walls)
11. The Large Iwans complex: Southern Part
12. The Large Southern Iwan (the so-called Maran sanctuary)
13. The Shamash Temple (the Square Building)
Chapter II: Urban sacral architecture
1. Temple I
2. Temple II
3. Temple III
4. Temple IV
5. Temple V
6. Temple VI
7. Temple VII
8. Temple VIII
9. Temple IX
10. Temple X
11. Temple XI
12. Temple XII
13. Temple XIII
14. Temple XIV
Chapter III: Sacral context of the urban planning in Hatra



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