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Scripta Classica, vol. 11, 2014

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Description: softcover, 127 pages (17x24 cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 255g.


Scripta Classica, vol. 11, 2014, (ed. by) T. Sapota, A. Szczepaniak, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Slaskiego, Katowice 2014

Latin in the Contemporary Polish "Street Epigraphy"
The Oath in the Ancient and Medieval Culture. An Outline of the Problem
Textaufnahme der antike Autoren im mittelalterlichen Irland. Problemeinleitung
Laurentius Corvinus' "Carminum structura" against the Background of Medieval and Early Renaissance Treatises on Metre
Horatian Metrics and Topics in the Latin Odes of Jan Kochanowski
Genology Games with Tradition. Old Polish Menippean Satire in the Context of Its Ancient Genre Models
<<"Lizystrata" dla dekadenckiej epoki>> – wprowadzenie komedii Arystofanesa do kultury czytelniczej w okresie Młodej Polski
Mechanisms of Ancient Literature Reception in Digital Media Methodological Context
"Hannibal Goes to Rome" as an Example of How Antiquity Is Received in New Media
"Poetics" by Aristotle versus Dogme 95, that is What Aristotle Has in Common with Contemporary Film-Making