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Scripta Classica, vol. 9, 2012

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Description: softcover, 105 pages (17x24 cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 215g.


Scripta Classica, vol. 9, 2012, (ed. by) T. Aleksandrowicz, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Slaskiego, Katowice 2012

Introduction (Tadeusz Aleksandrowicz)
Katarzyna Frackiewicz
Imperfect Indicative/Aorist and Present Imperative/Aorist Middle and Passive of Athematic Deponent Verbs in Poetry of Ancient Greece of Archaic and Classical Period
Janusz Kucharczyk
Ancient Greeks and Suffering
Maciej Helbig
Physiology and Morphology of aiAxpiov in Botanical Works of Theophrastus
Ewa Kurek
Encounters with KfjToi; in Diodorus Siculus's Bibliotheca Historica
Artur Malina
Una controversia sulle tradizioni degli antichi (Me 7,1-13). Contribute all'antro-pologia marciana
Agata Sowinska
An Identification of Two Egyptian Cosmologies in the Greek Corpus Hermeti-cum and in the Latin Asclepim
Patrycja Matusiak
Tempestas Punici belli. Notes on Three "Meteorological" Passages from Florus's Epitome of Roman History
Edyta Gryksa
Gladius and ensis in the Roman Civilisation
Anna Kucz
Arnobio sull'analogia e sull'anomalia nella lingua
Damian Pierzak
Servius's View on the Myth of Orpheus