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Series Byzantina, Studies on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, Volume I

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ISBN: 83-88973-65-7
Description: softcover, 178 pp. (24x16,5), b&w phots.
Condition: new
Weight: 315g.


Series Byzantina, Studies on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, Volume I,  Warsaw 2003

Waldemar Deluga, Mirosław P. Kruk - Studies on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art in Central and Eastern Europe
Sergej Ivanovic Klimovskij - Two New Stone Icons from Kiev
Larisa Clenova - A Byzantine Relief "St. George with the Scenes of his Life"
Piotr Grotowski - The Legend of St. George Saving a Youth from Captivity and Its Depiction in Art
Aleksandra Sulikowska - "New Constantinople". Byzantine Traditions in Muscovite Rus' in the 16th Century
Maria Helytovyc - Icons of the 1560s associated with "Dmytrij"
Constanta Costea - Une nouvelle replique slavonne du Paris. gr. 74: seven decades after
Oksana Yurchyshyn-Smyth - The Printing-House of the Monastery of Trei Ierarhi in Iasi and its Staff
Mirosław P. Kruk - The Lvov Oktoich of 1630 in the Collection of the Jagellonian Library in Cracow
Agnieszka Gronek - On the Dependence of Western Ruthenian Passion Presentations on Western Graphics in the 16th to 18th centuries

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