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Seventh International Congress of Turkish Art

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ISBN: 83-01-08638-6
Description: hardback, dustjacket, cloth, 292 pp. (21x30cm), figs. in text
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Seventh International Congress of Turkish Art, Ed. T. Majda, Polish Scientific Publishers, Warsaw 1990

Abdel Alim Ramadan Fahmy The mosque of Suleyman Pasha "Sariyat al-Gabal"
Bakirer Omur Materials of construction in Ottoman architecture. The use of colored marbles
Bansta Hatice Orcun Turkish embroideries. Later period of the Ottoman Empire
Batur Sabahattin Une recherche sur le tombak ou dorure au mercure
Behrens-Abouseif Doris Three zawiyas in early Ottoman Cairo
Biedronska-Slota Beata Turkish textiles in Polish liturgical vestments
Crill Rosemary Turkish influence on the arts of the Mughal period.
Gagman Filiz The earliest known Ottoman "murakka" kept in Istanbul University Library (F. 1426)
Demirix Yildiz Bemerkungen fiber den Export von Kunstgegenstdnden in osmanischer Zeit
Denny Walter B. Revivalism in Turkish art: the Hekimoglu AH Pasha Mosque in Istanbul
Durukan Aynur Transitional examples ofhans in Anatolian-Turkish architecture . 
Durul Yusuf The art of Anatolian kilims
Erzen Jale N. Stylistic evolution of Ottoman mosque facades during the Sinan era
Feher Geza Quelques mots sur les antiquites Ottomanes en Hongrie
Gero Gyozo Die Keramik von Isnik und Kutahya in Ungarn
Gervers Michael Evidence for Ottoman influence on felt-making in Egypt
Grube Alberta Fabris The Cicogna manuscript
Grube Ernst J. Two paintings in a copy of the "Suleyman-name" in the Chester Beany Library
Kiel Machiel, Deriziotis Lazaros The old bedesten of Larissa (Yenisehir) in restoration
Laqueur Hans-Peter Die Marinergrdber an der Piyalepasa Moschee in Istanbul
Majer Hans Georg Das Portrat Sultan Mustafas II. in der osmanischen Miniaturmalerei
Muschanov Nikola Die Ausbau der Mahfilgalerie und seine Einwirkung auf die Plan-
und Raumkomposition der Moscheen des 16. bis 19. Jhs. auf dem Balkan
HoBropoaoBa 3:ieoHOpa Hoeue acnemnu usynenun opesmrmopKCKozo ucKyccmea
O'Kane Bernard Architecture of the Qara and Aq Qoyunlu: an overview
Onder Mehmet The silk prayer carpet in Mevldna Museum in Konya
Oney Goniil The 14th-15th-centuries wooden masjids in Ankara
Onge Yilmaz Toilets in Turkish Ottoman architecture
Renda Gynsel Nineteenth-century drawings and paintings in the Naval Museum in Istanbul
Scarce Jennifer The development of women's fashion in Ottoman Turkish costume during the 18th and 19th centuries   
Schmitz Barbara Some comments on the development of religious iconography in Turkey
in the second hall of the 16th century based on illustrations of the martyrdom of Zakariya (Zacharius)   
Sims Eleanor The "Doria Velvet": an Ottoman velvet in the Detroit Institute of Arts
Sinemoglu Nermin The Ottoman jewelry collection in the Museum of Topkapi Sarayi
Stajnova Mihaila La mosquee Tomboul a Choumen — influence du style "Ldle"
Siislu Ozden Decoration d'une maison de Bitlis
Tanmdi Zeren The miniatures of "Hiinername" vol. II in the light of a newly discovered
Tayla Husrev Die Bibliothek der Hagia Sophia und die Entdeckungen wdhrend der Restaura-
Titley Norah Three recently acquired illustrated Ottoman manuscripts in the British
Tuncer Orhan Cezmi A comparison of the dome in the sacral buildings of the Renaissance
and the classical Ottoman period
Yenisehirlioglu Filiz Tile samples from the Dome of the Rock and their 20th-century
Yetkin Serare Two painted marble sarcophagi and their relation to Ottoman decorative art
Zygulski Zdzislaw Jr. Turkish art in Poland

The following papers were also presented at the Congress but their texts have not been sent:
Abrahamowicz Z. Inskriebierte turkische Bogen aus Karlsruhe
Crowe Y. 13th century revival in 18th century architectural decoration
Łagatay N. On the origin of nartex gallery in Ottoman mosques
Gerelyes I. Turkish pottery in Hungary in the 16th century
Karamagarah H. Evolution of space in the Ottoman mosque architecture
Mackie L. The robe of honour given by Suleyman I to the Austrian ambassador in 1541
Skilliter S. Themes in 16th century Ottoman costumes books
Zick-Nissen J. Ansatze zu einer Herrscherikonographie bei den Ortokiden