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Studia Ceranea, Vol. 1/2011

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Studia Ceranea, Journal of the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe, Vol. 1/2011, Lodz 2011

From the Editorial Board
Maciej Kokoszko, Katarzyna Gibel-Buszewska, Kandaulos: the Testimony of Select Sources
Georgi Minczew, John Chrysostom’s Tale on How Michael Vanquished Satanael–a Bogomil text?
Mirosław J.Leszka,The Monk versus the Philosopher: From the History of the Bulgarian-Byzantine War 894–896
Elka Bakalova, The Perfect Ruler in the Art and Literature of Medieval Bulgaria
Sławomir Bralewski, The Porphyry Column in Constantinople and the Relics of the True Cross
Małgorzata Skowronek, The First Witnesses. Martha, Longinus and Veronica in the Slavic Manuscript Tradition (Initial Observations)
Teresa Wolińska, Constantinopolitan Charioteers and Their Supporters
Dimo Cheshmedjiev, Notes on the Cult of the Fifteen Tiberioupolitan Martyrs in Medieval Bulgaria
Kirił Marinow, In the Shackles of the Evil One: The Portrayal of Tsar Symeon I
the Great (893–927) in the Oration ‘On the Treaty with the Bulgarians’
Anna-Maria Totomanova, A Lost Byzantine Chronicle in Slavic Translation
Ivelin Ivanov, Tsar Samuel Against Emperor Basil II: Why Did Bulgaria Loose the Battle with the Byzantine Empire at the Beginning of the 11th Century
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