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Studia Ceranea, Vol. 2/2012

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Studia Ceranea, Journal of the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe, Vol. 2/2012, Lodz 2012

Taxes in the Mediterranean. Ancient Roman Perspective


Krzysztof Amielańczyk
Peculatus – Several Remarks on the Classification of the Offence of Embezzlement of Public Funds in Roman Law
Marzena Dyjakowska
Fund Collection through Litigation by the State Treasury in the Roman Empire (with Special Reference to the First Three Centuries A.D)
Przemysław Kubiak
Imprisonment of Tax Non-payers – an Abuse of Power or a Measure of Legal Discipline?
Anna Pikulska-Radomska
On Some Fiscal Decisions of Caligula and Vespasian
Piotr Sawicki
Remarks on Some Tax Exempts in Ancient Rome
Jacek Wiewiorowski
The Abuses of Exactores and the Laesio Enormis – a Few Remarks
Zofia Brzozowska
The Church of Divine Wisdom or of Christ – the Incarnate Logos? Dedication of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople in the Light of Byzantine Sources from 5th to 14th century
Błażej Cecota
Islam, Arabs and Umayyad Rulers according to Theophanes the Confessor’s Chronography
Anastasia Dobyčina
A „Divine Sanction” on the Revolt: The Cult of St. Demetrios of Thessalonike and the Uprising of Peter and Asen (1185–1186)
Marek M. Dziekan
Quss Ibn Sa’ida al-Iyadi (6th–7th cent.A.D.), Bishop of Najran: An Arabic and Islamic Cultural Hero
Bernard Hamilton, Janet Hamilton
St. Symeon the New Theologian and Western Dissident Movements
Maciej Kokoszko, Zofia Rzeźnicka, Krzysztof Jagusiak,Health and Culinary Art in Antiquity and Early Byzantium in the Light of De re coquinaria
Mihailo St. Popović, Moving through Medieval Macedonia: Late Modern Cartography, Archive Material and Hydrographic Data Used for the Regressive Modelling of Transportation Networks
Jacek Wiewiorowski, The Defence of the Long Walls of Thrace under Justinian the Great (527–565 A.D.)
Michał Wojnowski, Periodic Revival or Continuation of the Ancient Military Tradition? Another Look at the Question of the katáfraktoi in the Byzantine Army
Anna-Maria Totomanova, Digital Presentation of Bulgarian Lexical Heritage. Towards an Electronic Historical Dictionary
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