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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 20

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Description: softcover, 209 pages (24x17 cm), ills., plates
Condition: new
Weight: 510g.

Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 20, Jagiellonian University, Krakow 2016

Magdalena Kazimierczak
Potmarks from Tell el-Murra and Tell el-Farkha cemeteries (seasons 2011-2016)
Wawrzyniec Miscicki
In the realm of the scheme. The limits of interpretation in exploring Archaic Greek visual culture. The case of black-figure lekythos from Krakow
Konstantinos-Dionysios Bouzakis, Dimitrios Pantermalis,
Areti Sakellaridou, Athina-Antonia Bouzaki, Marianthi Grigoriadou,
loannis Mirisidis
Investigation on the implementation of optical refinements
in the Parthenon frieze reliefs
Dorota Gorzelany
White-ground lekythoi in the Princes Czartoryski Museum in Krakow
Natalia Mateevici, Ion Ceban
Analysis of the Greek amphorae discovered in the barrow no. 7 at Crihana Veche (Republic of Moldova)
Kamila Nocon
A Hellenistic brazier from the Jagiellonian University Institute
of Archaeology collection of antiquities
Malgorzata Kajzer
To light antiquity. Perspectives for research on clay oil lamps
from the Agora in Nea Paphos, Cyprus
Orit Shamir, Lukasz Miszk
Textile fragment from a well in the Nea Paphos Agora.
A preliminary report
Ewdoksia Papuci-Wladyka, Maciej Waclawik
A bronze steelyard with an acorn-shaped counterweight
from the Paphos Agora
Aleksandra Brzozowska-Jawornicka
Reconstruction of a facade of the House of Aion, Nea Paphos, Cyprus
Pawel Golyzniak
The impact of the Poniatowski gems on later gem engraving
Marta Wawrzynkiewicz
Wladyslaw Szczepanski's journey through Arabia Petraea
in 1905 and 1906