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Studies in Archaeological Ceramology

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ISBN: 978-83-8090-815-4
Description: softcover, 277 pp. (30x21cm) figs.
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Studies in Archaeological Ceramology, ed. by Z. Kobylinski, Archaeologica Hereditas 17, UKSW, Warsaw 2020

Zbigniew Kobyliński – What the historical broken vessels want to tell us?
Jerzy Trzciński, Małgorzata Zaremba and Fabian Welc – The technology of faience bowl manufacturing in the Ptolemaic Athribian workshops in the light of microstructural studies
Fabian Welc, Katarzyna Zeman-Wiśniewska, Małgorzata Zaremba and Jerzy Trzciński – Possible foreign origin of art decoration on Ptolemaic hemispherical faience bowls from Athribis (Nile Delta)
Louis D. Nebelsick – Celtic kykeon? New ceramological evidence for the appropriation of Mediterranean sympotic and libation practices in the 6th century BCE Heuneburg
Urszula Kobylińska, Zbigniew Kobyliński and Paulina Potocka – Graphite-tempered and graphite-coated pottery from the early Celtic settlement at Altdorf near Landshut in Lower Bavaria: imported goods or local production?
Fernando Agua, María-Ángeles Villegas, Urszula Kobylińska, Zbigniew Kobyliński and Manuel García-Heras – Archaeometric study of Medieval Tornow-type pottery from archaeological sites in Western Poland and Eastern Germany
Urszula Kobylińska, Zbigniew Kobyliński, Bogusław Bagiński and Maciej Bojanowski – Early Medieval pottery of the Menkendorf-Szczecin type in the light of the laboratory ceramological research
Katarzyna Zdeb – Application of GC-MS and GC-C-IRMS methods for the interpretation of biomarkers in ceramic vessels