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Studies of Greek and Roman Culture

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Description: softcover, 218 pp. (20,5x14,5cm)
Condition: new
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Studies of Greek and Roman Culture, Essays edited by Jerzy Styka, Classica Cracoviensia XIII, Ksiegarnia Akademicka, Krakow 2009

Krzysztof BIELAWSKI, Zeus and Torches (Berlin Paian nr 6870
from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin)
Michał BZINKOWSKI, Charos psychopompos? Tracing the continuity
of the idea of a Ferryman of the Dead in Greek culture
Agnieszka FULIŃSKA, The end of hellenism and the rise of a new
world order
Agnieszka HESZEN, Mosaic Character of Late Antiquity Literature
Some Remarks on Greek Christian Hymns
Aleksandra KLĘCZAR, Hellenistic Scholarship and the Greek
Jewish Epic of the Second Temple Period
Joanna KOMOROWSKA, Deafened by noise, blinded by light:
an enquiry into the prologues of Aeschylus’ Septem and Euripides’
Iosephus KORPANTY, De ovidio in exilium pulso observationes
Iosephus KORPANTY, Studia ad litteras latinas pertinentia
Kazimierz KORUS, Theokrits Pharmakeutria. Analyse
und Interpretation
Jerzy STYKA, Die Mittelmeerkultur aus der Perspektive eines
Stanisław ŚNIEŻEWSKI, An ambiguous panegyric or a hyperbole?
A literary portrait of Domitian in Silvae by Statius