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Sumerian and Tibeto-Burman

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ISBN: 83-87111-18-X
Description: softcover, 93 pp. (24x16,5 cm)
Condition: new
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Jan Braun, Sumerian and Tibeto-Burman, Agade, Warsaw 2001

Jan Braun, professor at the Oriental Institute of the University of Warsaw, in his book presents the beginnings of the Sumerian language which is one of the oldest literary languages of the world. On a broad spectrum of the material the Author attempts to prove the genetic affiliation of the Sumerian to the Sino-Tibetan family of languages.

Phonological System of Sumerian
Phonological System of Old Tibetan
Sumerian and Tibeto-Burman (Materials for a Comparative Vocabulary)
Regular Phonemic Correspondences between Sumerian and Old Tibetan
Some Remarks on Word Formation in Sumerian and Old Tibetan
Morphological Connections between Sumerian and Old Tibetan