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Sumerian and Tibeto-Burman, Additional Studies

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ISBN: 83-87111-32-5
Description: softcover, 36 pp. (24x16,5 cm)
Condition: new
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Jan Braun, Sumerian and Tibeto-Burman, Additional Studies, Agade, Warsaw 2004

Jan Braun, professor at the Oriental Institute of the University of Warsaw, in his book presents the beginnings of the Sumerian language which is one of the oldest literary languages of the world. On a broad spectrum of the material the Author attempts to prove the genetic affiliation of the Sumerian to the Sino-Tibetan family of languages.
This book continues ideas of the earlier monograph. The present edition has been expanded, incorporating new data to clarify arguments of Prof. Jan Braun.

Common Synonyms in Sumerian and Tibeto-Burman
Common Homonyms in Sumerian and Tibeto-Burman
Nominal Prefixes in Sumero-Tibeto-Burman
Sumerian and Tibeto-Burman
Materials for a Comparative Vocabulary