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Tell Atrib III, Jolanta Mlynarczyk, Terracotta Oil Lamps, Tell Atrib 1985-1995

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ISBN: 978-83-7543-233-6
Description: hardback,180 pages (28,5x20cm), 44 figs., 30 plates, 300 vols printed
Condition: new
Weight: 1150g.


Tell Atrib III, Jolanta Mlynarczyk, Terracotta Oil Lamps, Tell Atrib 1985-1995, Centre d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences, Varsovie 2012

PREFACE by Karol Mysliwiec
General remarks
Classification principles
Lamp fabrics and their descriptions Conventions
TA I. Wheel-made lamps
TA I.1.    "Open" ("saucer") lamp with pinched spout
TA I.2.    "Chimney" lamps (the lamps with central tube)
TA I.3.    Lamps corresponding to Athenian Howland Type 25 B Prime
TA I.4.    Lamps with flat-topped nozzle, concave base, side lug on shoulder
TA I.5.    Lamp with very short flat-topped nozzle, flat raised base and side lug
TA I.6.    Egyptian descendants of Howland Type 25 D Prime
TA I.7.    Shallow body on flat raised base; convex ring around filling hole, flat-topped nozzle, no side lug
TA I.3-I.7. Fragmentary lamps with flat-topped nozzle (no base parts preserved)
TA I.8.    Globular body on ring base; convex ring around filling hole, flat-topped nozzle, no side lug
TA I.9.    Lamps with convex-topped nozzle and concave base (Rhodian type)
TA I.10. Related to Rhodian type; collar-like edge around the filling hole cavity
and strap handle
TA I.11. Lamps with a very short convex-topped nozzle; base concave underneath
TA I.12. Lugless lamp, body rounded in section, standing on flat base
TA II, 1. Lamps corresponding to Alexandrian Type A
TA II 1.a. Lamps standing on concave bases
TA II.1.b. Lamps standing on ring bases
TA II.1.c. Lamps standing on flat circular bases
TA II.1.d. Lamps without any base preserved
TA II.2.   Decorated variety of Alexandrian Type A and its developments
TA II,3.   Alexandrian Type L-Prime
TA II.4. Alexandrian Type B
TA II.4.a. Subtype B.a
TA II.4.b. Subtype B.b
TA I1.4.c. Subtype B.c
TA II.5.   Alexandrian Type J
TA II.6. Alexandrian Type K
TA II.6.a. Subtype K.a
TA II.e.b. Subtype K.b
TA II.7.   Alexandrian Type L
TA ILS. Alexandrian Type M
TA II.8,8. Subtype M.a
TA II.8,b. Subtype M.b
TA II.9.   Alexandrian Type D
TA II.10. Imitation of a bronze lamp. Early Hellenistic
TA II.11. Alexandrian Type F
TA II.12. Alexandrian Type G
TA II.13. Alexandrian Type F/G
TA II.14. Alexandrian Type H
TA II.15. Alexandrian Types E and R-Pritne
TA II.a. Type E
TA II.15.b-d. Type E-Piime
TA II.15.b, Subtype E-Prime.c.l
TA II.15.C. Subtype E-Prime.c.2
TA II.15.d. Subtype E-Prime.c.3
TA II.16. Alexandrian Type P-Prime
TA II.17. Alexandrian Type P
TA II.18. Alexandrian Types O and O-Prime
TA II.18.a. Alexandrian Type O-
TA II.l8.b. Alexandrian Type O-Prime
TA II.19. Alexandrian Type O/P: variant with handle
TA II.20. "Jug" lumps, Hellenistic mould-made
TA II.23. Miscellaneous "transitional period" lamps, 1 st century BC/ 1st century AC
TA III. Roman period lamps of "Neo-Hellenistic" types
TA III.l. Developments of Alexandrian Type M
TA III.2. Alexandrian Type S and its development
TA III.2.a. Moulds for Type S and lamps which might have been
TA III.2.b. Direct development of Type S
TA III.3. Ovoid lamps
TA IV. Multi-nozzlers and plastic lamps
TA IV 1. Multi-nozzlers
TA IV.2. Plastic lamps
TA IV.2.a. Lamps shaped as figurines
TA IV.2.b. Boat-shaped lamps
TA IV.2.C. Stemmed lamps on feet
TA V.      Roman period lamps of Italian types
TA V.I      LT I
TA V.2.    LT IV
TAV.3.    LT III
TA V.3.3. Triangular handle attachments
V.3.b. Bilobed handle attachments
V.3.C. Other forms of handle attachments
TA V.4.         ian types, handleless
TA V.4.a. Bailey Type F
TA V.4.b. LT VIII versions, handleless
TA V.5. VIII versions, with handles
V.5.a. Heart-shaped nozzle
V.S.c. Simple nozzle separated from shoulder by three miniai luttons arranged in a line
V.S.d. U-shaped nozzle with three buttons
V.5.e. Trapezoid nozzle
V.5.f. Simple {plain) nozzle
TA V.6.    Lamps of LT VIII with handles, no nozzle parts preserved
TA V.6.a. Standard Egyptian-type handles
TA V.6.b. Ornamented handles
TA V.7. Variant of LT VIII with a stub handle
TA VI.    Miscellaneous votive(?) lamp
TA VII.   Roman period Italian-type lamp fragments, unclassified
Addendum: Hellenistic period lamps (excavated in 1998-1999), whose fragmentary
Appendix 1. Co-occurrence of the lamp types in dated contexts at Tell Atrib
Figures (line drawings)
Photographic plates.
Colour plates