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Tell Me Who You Are: Labelling Status in the Graeco-Roman World

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Description: softcover, 307 pp. (22,5x16,5cm)
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Tell Me Who You Are: Labelling Status in the Graeco-Roman World, ed. by M. Nowak, A. Latter, J. Urbanik, Warsaw 2107

Yanne Broux
Ancient profiles exploited: First results of Named Entity Recognition applied to Latin inscriptions
Mark Depauw & Yanne Broux
Identification in Graeco-Roman Egypt: The modalities of expressing filiation
Esther Garel
Le titre ⲡⲓⲁⲕⲟⲩ dans les documents coptes fayoumiques
Urpo Kantola
Social standing and Latin names in Greek: Case studies on name catalogues of the early imperial period
Małgorzata Krawczyk
Paternal onomastical legacy vs. illegitimacy in Roman epitaphs
Thomas Kruse
The labeling of strangers and aliens in Roman Egypt
Micaela Langellotti
Occupations and naming trends in first-century Tebtunis and Philadelphia
David Lewis
Notes on slave names, ethnicity, and identity in Classical and Hellenistic Greece
Maria Nowak
Get your free corn: The fatherless in the corn-dole archive from Oxyrhynchos
Paweł Nowakowski
‘And there, unworthy as I was, I wrote the names of my parents’: The family identity of supplicants in pilgrimsʼ graffiti and dedicatory inscriptions from the Late Roman and Byzantine East
Tuomo Nuorluoto
Emphasising matrilineal ancestry in a patrilineal system: Maternal name preference in the Roman world
Christian Ammitzbøll Thomsen
The ‘Thirteenth Deme’ of Lindos