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The Ancient Rome Politics and Money V, Asia Minor in Roman Times

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ISBN: 978-83-226-2164-0
Description: softcover, 188 pages (17x24 cm), plates
Condition: new
Weight: 390g.

The Ancient Rome Politics and Money V, Asia Minor in Roman Times, (ed.by) M. Kaczanowicz, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Slaskiego, Katowice 2014

The Pontic Kingdom, Arsacid Iran and Armenia: Remarks on the Political Strategy of Mithradates VI
L. Fannius and L. Magius: Fimbriani or Sertoriani?
The Roman Republic and the Parthian Threat of the Eastern Provinces in the Years 53—50 B.C.
Chram i statuja Diany Efiesskoj po izobrażenijam na monietach pierioda Rimskoj Impierii
The Role of Familial Propaganda in the Coinage of the Province of Asia during the Reign
The Provinces of Asia Minor in Caesar Trajan’s Policy (98—117 A.D.). Outline of Issues
Selected Aspects of Relations between the Imperial Power and the Provincial Cities during the Reign
<< Vue d’Asie Mineure >> sur les problemes de la Crise du IIIe siecle dans l’Empire romain. Les themes
Quelques remarques sur l’iconographie des médaillons de Probus du type virtus Augusti triumfum
Nostalgia or a Political Necessity? The Background of the Emperor Zeno’s Numerous Donations in Isauria