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The Emperor Zeno, Religion and Politics

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ISBN: 978-83-62261-18-5
Description: softcover, 289 pp. (24x17cm)
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Rafal Kosinski, The Emperor Zeno, Religion and Politics, Cracow 2010


I. Introduction
1. The Significance of Emperor Zeno's Religious Policy
2. Sources
Pseudo-Zacharias and Euagrios Scholastikos
The Tradition Associated with Theodore Lector
The Roman Tradition
Other Sources
Epistolographical Sources
II. Decisions of the Council of Chalcedon: Acceptance and Opposition (451-471)
1. The Council of Chalcedon
2. The Anti-Chalcedonian Reaction in the First Years after the Conclusion of the Council
3. The Consolidation of the Chalcedonian Movement during the Reign of Leo I
4. Recapitulation
1. Tarasikodissa
2. Zeno's Relations with Peter the Fuller
3. First Year of Zeno's Reign
4. Akakios
IV. Basiliskos'Usurpation
1. The Usurpation
2. Timothy Ailouros and the Publication of the Encyclical
3. The Revolt at Constantinople and the Fall of Basiliskos
V. The Chalcedonian Reaction
1. The Political Situation in the Empire after Zeno's Return to Power
Theoderic Strabo and Theoderic the Amal
2. Zeno's Constitution of 17 December 476
3. Bishops of Asia
4. Antioch
6. Rome and Constantinople
7. Vandals
8. Recapitulation
1. Growing animosity between Zeno and Illos
2. John Talaia's Delegation
3. Talks with Peter Mongos, Delegates
4. Palestinian henosis
5. The Henotikon
6. Reactions of Adherents and Opponents of Chalcedon to the Henotikon and the Recognition of Peter Mongos
7. Recapitulation
VII. The Revolt of Illos
1. The Course of the Revolt
2. Kalandion and Peter the Fuller
3. The Revolt of Illos and the Followers of Hellenic Religion
Pagans in Aphrodisias
Alexandria, Activity of Peter Mongos and Persecutions of Pagan Philosophers
Athens, the Closing of the Parthenon and Asklepieion
Gaza and Berytos
Trombley's Hypothesis on Quasi-Justinian Laws
4. Samaritans
Dating of the Events
The Course of the Events
The Church of Mary Theotokos
The Causes of the Samaritan Disturbances
5. Anti-Jewish Riots at Antioch
VIII. Acacian Schism
1. The Question of Italy
2. Schism with Rome
3. Peter Mongos' Conflict with the Radical Anti-Chalcedonian Opposition
4. The Last Years of Zeno's Reign
5. Palestine and Syria towards the End of Zeno's Reign
6. Zeno's Policy towards Clergy and Monks
Clergy and Church Structure
Appendix. The Emperor Zeno's Church Foundations
1. Churches Founded by Zeno
A. Isauria-Cilicia
1) Seleukeia in Isauria (Meriamhk, Ayatekla)
2) Alahan
3) Koropissos/Dalisandos - Dag Pazan
4) Korykos
5) Alaklise
6) Anemourion
7) Karhk
8) Kanlidivane
9) Okttzlu
10) Abu Mina
VI. Henotikon
1. Growing Animosity between Zeno and Illos
2. John Talaia's Delegation
3. Talks with Peter Mongos' Delegates
4. Palestinian henosis
C. Syria
D. Cyprus
12) Kampanopetra
E. Palestine
13) Gerizim
14?) Aphrodisias
G. Hellespont
15?) Kyzikos
H. Greece
16?) Thessalonica
2. The Characteristics of the Emperor Zeno's Founding Activity. Conclusions
Primary Sources
Secondary Sources
Index of People
Index of Places