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The Fortifications in the Western Sector of Novae

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Description: softcover, 24x17cm, 103 pages, 51 figures; Ist edition, 600 vols issued
Condition: very good
Weight: 165g.

Stefan Parnicki-Pudelko, The Fortifications in the Western Sector of Novae, Poznan 1990

I. The Earth Fortifications
1. The Defensive (?) Trenches West of the Fortress of the First Italian Legion
2. The Fortifications of the Camp of the first Italian Legion
3. Conclusion
II. The Stone Fortifications
A. The Western Segment
1. Middle Part: the Defence Wall and Bastions Chronology
2. The Western Gate (Porta Principalis Sinistra) Stage l (19); Stagc n (2i);Stage III (25) Stage IV (33); Later Changes in the Structure and Functions of the Gate (34)
3. The Defence Walls by the Western Gate
B. The Northern Segment
1. The North-Western Corner
2. The Defence Wall
3. The Northern Gate (Porta Praetoria)
C. The Southern Segment
1. The Eastern Part of the Defence Wall
2. The Southern Gate (Porta Decumana) Stage i (47); Stage II (49); Stage III (49)
3. The South-Western Bastion
4. The Defensive Wall by the South-Western Bastion
List of Figures
Novae - Sektor Zachodni. Fortyfikacje. Summary in Polish
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