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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. XLIV (2014)

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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. XLIV (2014), ed. by T. Derda, A. Lajtar, J. Urbanik, Warsaw 2014

From the Editors
Maria-Jesus Albarran Martinez - The nun on the run: New perspectives on P . Oxy. XLIII 3150
Gert Baetens - Demotic petitioning
Lajos Berkes - Eine oxyrhynchitische Enthaftungsbürgschaft aus dem 7. Jh.
Lincoln H. Blumell - P . Birmingham inv . 317: An addendum to the fourth-century bishops of Oxyrhynchus?
W. Graham Claytor - Rogue notaries? Two unusual double documents from the late Ptolemaic Fayum
Tomasz Derda & Joanna Wegner - New documentary papyri from the Polish excavations at Deir el-Naqlun (P. Naqlun 35–38)
Johannes Diethart - Lexikalische Lesefrüchte und Korrekturen in griechischen Papyri aus PLaur- und PSI-Online
Gwen Jennes - Osiris-Smithis in Egyptian anthroponyms
Delphine Nachtergaele - ‘I am fine!’: Information about the sender’s health in the Greek private letters of the Roman period
Naim Vanthieghem - Quelques contrats de vente d’esclaves de la collection Aziz Atiyya
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