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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. XLV (2015)

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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. XLV (2015), ed. by T. Derda, A. Lajtar, J. Urbanik, Warsaw 2015


Abstracts and keywords
    From the Editors
    Constantinos Balamoshev- P. Iand. inv. 398: A fragmentary Ptolemaic prosangelma
    Anne Boud’hors- Réclamation pour le paiement de coupons de papyrus: Le témoignage d’une lettre copte
    Andrew Connor- Royal temple land? Temple land management strategies in the Ptolemaic Fayum
    Johannes Diethart- Die mutterlosen weinenden Kinder: zu Adam Łajtar in Journal of Juristic Papyrology 37 (2007)
    Nico Dogaer- Greek names with the ending -ιανος/-ianus in Roman Egypt
    Christel Freu- Vignes d’Égypte: Extension et exploitation des vignobles sous l’Empire romain. Retour sur les contrats de μίσθωσις τῶν ἔργων
    Fritz Mitthof & Amphilochios Papathomas- Ein Sklavenkauf aus der Zeit des Decius in Form der Synchoresis
    Paweł Nowakowski- The so-called Anatolian saints in Egypt. The Egyptian and Anatolian patterns of selective transmission of cult
    Johannes Platschek- Nochmals zur Petition der Dionysia (P . Oxy. II 237)
    Markus Resel- Z ahlungsanweisungen für W eizen aus dem Tempel des Soknobkonneus in Bakchias. Das Archiv des Sitologen Akousilaos
    Patrick Sänger- M ilitary immigration and the emergence of cul tural or ethnic identities: The case of Ptolemaic Egypt
    Joanne Vera Stolk- Scribal and phraseological variation in legal formulas: ὑπάρχω + dative or genitive pronoun
    Uri Yiftach- From Arsinoe and Alexandria and beyond: Taxation and information in early Roman Egypt. A discussion of P. Bagnall 70

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