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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. XXVIII

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ISBN: 83-235-0080-0
Description: 295 pages (24cm x 17cm)
Condition: very good
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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. XXVIII, ed. by Tomasz Derda, Ewa Wipszycka, Warsaw 1998

The Journal of Juristic Papyrology is an annual international journal published jointly by the Department of Roman and Antique Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration, the Department of Papyrology at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, and Fundacja im. Rafała Taubenschlaga. The first issue of JJP appeared 1946 and in 2002 the journal launched a series of supplements.
The journal prints contributions in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. It seeks to publish articles in papyrology, epigraphy, Roman law, as well as history of Graeco-Roman and Byzantine Egypt. JJP also regularly includes review articles and bibliographic overviews. The journal has a wide international readership made up of scholars and students in papyrology, Roman law, classics, archaeology, and history.

    Jean-Luc Fournet — Notes critiques sur des pétitions du Bas-Empire, 7-18    
    Nikolaos Gonis — P. Oxy. VI 988: Loan of Wheat and Barley, 19-24
    Adam Łajtar — Griechische und koptische Inschriften im Koptischen Museum Kairo: eine Fortsetzung, 25-30
    Adam Łajtar — The Jewish Epitaph SB IV 7295: A Suggestion for the Reading, 31-34
    Adam Łajtar & Jacques van der Vliet — Rich Ladies of Meinarti and their Churches. With an appended list of sources from Christian Nubia containing the expression “having the Church of so-and-so”, 35-54
    Adam Łajtar & Ewa Wipszycka — L’épitaphe de Duhela, SB III 6249: des moines gaianites dans des monasteres alexan­drins, 55-70    
    Adam Łukaszewicz — Claudius to his own city of Alexandria (P. Lond. VI 1912, 103-104), 71-78        
    Adam Łukaszewicz — Les iamnoi de l’Egypte, 79-84    
    Adam Łukaszewicz — Une momie en exil, 85-94
    Tomasz Markiewicz — Three Coptic ostraca from Warsaw private collections, 95-98
    Peter van Minnen — Boorish or Bookish? Literature in Egyptian Villages in the Fayum in the Graeco-Roman period, 99-184
    Jakub Urbanik — Sponsio servi, 185-202
    Klaas A. Worp — A note on the provenances of some Greek literary papyri, 203-218
    Joachim Hengstl — Juristische Literaturübersicht 1993-1995, 219-282    
    Review of Books    
    Columbia Papyri XI (= American Studies in Papyrology, vol. 38), edited by Timothy M. Tee­ter, Scholars Press, Atlanta 1998 [Ewa Wipszycka], 283-287Hans Julius Wollf, Vorlesungen über Juristische Papyruskunde (= Freiburger Rechts­geschicht­liche Abhandlungen, Neue Folge, Bd. 30), mit einem Vorwort und einer Würdigung hrsg. von Joseph Georg Wolf, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 1998 [Jakub Urbanik], 288
    Günter Grimm, Alexandria: die erste Königsstadt der hellenistischen Welt; Bilder aus der Nil­metropole von Alexander dem Großen bis Kleopatra VII. (= Zaberns Bildbände zur Archäo­lo­gie), Verlag Philipp von Zabern, Mainz am Rhein 1998 [Tomasz Markiewicz], 289

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