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The Perfection that Endures, Studies on Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology

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ISBN: 978-83-947612-0-2
Description: hardback, 396pp., CII pls. (24x17cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 1150g.

„The Perfection that Endures…”, Studies on Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology, edited by Kamil O. Kuraszkiewicz, Edyta Kopp and Daniel Takacs, Warsaw 2018

Katarína Arias Kytnarová: Broken for the afterlife. Depositional and post-depositional processes in the shaft of Princess Sheretnebty’s husband
Johannes Auenmüller: Society and iconography. On the sociological analysis of iconographic programs of Old Kingdom elite tombs
Martina Bardoňová: Grain storage in the Old Kingdom. Relation between an object and its image
Miroslav Bárta and Hana Vymazalová: Created for eternity. Statues and serdabs in the late Fifth Dynasty tombs at Abusir South
Vivienne Gae Callender: The art and artifice of the hieroglyphs of Akhmim in the Old Kingdom
Sherine El Sebaie: Vanquishing the beast. Hippopotami hunting scenes in Old Kingdom tombs
Laurel Flentye: The Giza Necropolis: early influences. Meidum, Dahshur, and Saqqara
Florence Dunn Friedman: The names of Menkaure
Roman Gundacker:The names of the kings of the Fifth Dynasty according to Manetho’s Aegyptiaca
Julia Harvey: Old Kingdom wooden statues and beyond
Marie Peterková Hlouchová: The god Weneg and the wng-plant in the Old Kingdom
Colin A. Hope, Amy J. Pettman, and Ashten R. Warfe: The Egyptian annexation of Dakhleh Oasis. New evidence from Mut al-Kharab
Mohamed Ismail Khaled: Old Kingdom royal funerary domains: a question of usurpation?
Alejandro Jiménez-Serrano: The governors of Elephantine and their funerary complexes in Qubbet el-Hawa at the end of Sixth Dynasty
Naguib Kanawati: A unique burial of a father and a son. Niankhpepy the Black and Pepyankh the Black, at Meir
Yukinori Kawae, Yoshihiro Yasumuro, Ichiroh Kanaya and Fumito Chiba: 3D reconstruction and interpretation of the ‘Cave’ of the Great Pyramid: an inductive approach
Jaromír Krejčí: Archaeological exploration of the mastaba of count Kakaibaef in Abusir (Tomb AC 29)
Agnese Kukela and Valdis Seglins: The pyramids at Dahshur. The necessary innovations before pyramids' construction at Giza
Miral Lashien: The art in the tomb of Pepyankh the Middle. Innovation or copying?
Maksim A. Lebedev: A new Old Kingdom painting from the Eastern Necropolis at Giza
Rémi Legros: Décrets de la nécropole royale de Pépy Ier
Riccardo Manzini: On planning the apartments of the pyramids
Mohamed Megahed:New ankh-giving scenes from the pyramid complex of Djedkare
Karol Myśliwiec: The ‘Dry Moat’: a new project
Věra Nováková: Old Kingdom stone sarcophagi as indicators of social change
Christoffer Theis: Eyes, false doors and Pyramid Text 534 § 1266–1267
Elizabeth Thompson: Residing in the provinces. The art and architecture of the Old Kingdom cemetery at Tehna in Middle Egypt
Miroslav Verner: Sahure: rethinking the pyramid complex 363, Joris van Wetering: The Early Dynastic royal cemetery at Saqqara

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