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The Psychro Cave and Other Sacred Grottoes in Crete

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Description: softcover, 83 pp. (22,5x28 cm), plans, b&w phots.
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Bogdan Rutkowski, Krzysztof Nowicki, The Psychro Cave and Other Sacred Grottoes in Crete, Studies and Monographs in Mediterranean Archaeology and Civilization, II, 1, Art and Archaeology, Warsaw 1996

This book is the result of research that was begun by B. Rutkowski over thirty years ago as part of a more general project concerning Minoan and Mycenaean cult places. At first, it was intended that the work included caves as only part of a larger comprehensive study of the nature sanctuaries of Minoan Crete. It appeared, however, that a separate discussion of each type of site, namely peak sanctuaries, sacred enclosures or open-air shrines and grottoes would be more useful; and that such a study should include discussion of both topography and finds. Field investigations and detailed studies were therefore undertaken of the excavated caves of Eileithyia at Amnissos, Phaneromeni near Avdou and of Hermes at Patsos. In this book, however, we focus our attention on the topography of the grottoes, whereas the discussion of the finds is limited to general remarks.
B. Rutkowski was responsible for the description and discussion of all the caves with the exception of Patsos which was prepared by K. Nowicki. Nowicki was also responsible for some remarks concerning possible links between the caves and neighbouring settlements; some of the plans and panoramic and isometric views. The authors have tried to present all available material complemented with long personal experience of field work on the Cretan caves.