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The Qumran Chronicle, Vol. 11, No. 1/4

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Description: softcover, (23x16cm), 171 pp.
Condition: very good
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The Qumran Chronicle, Vol. 11, No. 1/4, The Enigma Press, Krakow 2003



Current Events and Information

    Jürgen ZANGENBERG, Katharina GALOR, Qumran Archaeology in Transition. Remarks on the International Conference "Qumran - The Site of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Archaeological Interpretations and Debates", Nov 17-19,2002 at Brown University, Providence RI, 1 - 6
    Zdzisław J. KAPERA, An Introduction to Study the 'Insignificant' Glass Objects from Khirbet Qumran and 'Ain Feshkha, 7 - 20
    Joseph ATWILL, Steve BRAUNHEIM, They Used the Wrong Dating Curve: Wishful Thinking and Over-stating in Qumran Radiocarbon Dating Analysis, 21 - 35


    Kenneth ATKINSON, Women in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Evidence for a Qumran Renaissance During the Reign of Queen Salome Alexandra, 37 - 56
    Kenneth ATKINSON, 4QMMT and Psalm of Solomon 8: Two Anti-Sadducean Documents, 57 -77
    Aleksandra KLĘCZAR, Do the Hodayot Psalms Display a Consistent Theology?, 79 - 90
    Géza G. XERAVITS, Moses Redivivus in Qumran?, 91 - 105
    Igor R. TANTLEVSKIJ, The Wisdom of Solomon, the Therapeutae, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, 107 -115


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    Lawrence H. Schiffman, Les manuscrits de la mer Morte et le judaisme (by Z. J. Kapera), 156 - 159
    Felipe Sen, Los Manuscritos del Mar Muerto (by Z. J. Kapera), 159 - 161
    Hershel Shanks, The Mystery and Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls (by Z. J. Kapera), 162 - 167
    Enamuel Tov, Tekstologiia Vetkhogo Zaveta (by Z. J. Kapera), 167 -168
    Michał Wojciechowski, Apokryfy z Biblii Greckiej. 3 i 4 Księga Machabejska, 3 Księga Ezdrasza, oraz Psalm 151 i Modlitwa Manassesa (by Z. J. Kapera), 169 - 171