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The Tale of Crazy Harman

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ISBN: 83-86483-57-1
Description: softcover, 308 pp. (20x15 cm)
Condition: very good
Weight: 390g.





S. Z-Kominek, A. Lebeuf, The Tale of Crazy Harman , Warsaw 1997

The book is about one of the Turkmenistan’s most favourite and most often performed epic narratives, Harman Däli. In Turkmen rich epic repertory, this narrative is attributed special significance because it is entirely devoted to music depicted in a symbolic language of myth and poetry. The main character in this fabulous-mythical romance is a musician, and music creates a real-unreal world in which the events presented by the narrator occur. Turkmen epic repertory abounds in romantic tales similar to Harman Däli. And yet, it is Harman Däli that Turkmen narrators value most because in this epic tale a passionate love for beautiful woman and a great love of music and poetry interweave.