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The Twilight of Ramesside Egypt, Studies on the History of the Ramesside Period

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ISBN: 978-83-87111-51-9
Description: softcover, 318 pages (23,5x16,5), plates
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Miroslaw Barwik, The Twilight of Ramesside Egypt, Studies on the History of the Ramesside Period, Agade, Warsaw 2011

The book presents a critical evaluation of the sources relating to the end of the Ramesside period in Egypt. The events which led to the fall of the Ramessides can be compared only with the twilight of the Tuthmosides under the last rulers of the XVIIIth Dynasty, and to some extent also with the end of the XIXth Dynasty, when usurpers and other powers behind the throne played a dominant role. If the crisis of the monarchy at the end of theXVIIIth and XIXth Dynasties was finally overcome, with the result that new ruling families started a fresh policy of revival, the decline of the XXth Dynasty marked the end of the glorious epoch of the New Kingdom and the devasting collapse of political and social order in Egypt.

Abbreviations and bibliography
Introduction — Egypt and Thebes before the accession of Ramesses XI
1. Chronology of the reign of Ramesses XI - before the Renaissance Era
2. The so-called war of the High Priest Amenhotep
3. Herihor and his Theban "kingship"
4. The administration of the Thebaid at the end of the Ramesside period
5. The career ofTuthmosis the scribe of the necropolis
6. Chronology of the Late Ramesside Letters
7.The Nubian campaign of general Payankh
8. Butehamun and his role in the evacuation of the royal necropolis
9.The aftermath
Index of the documents cited