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To Live Forever, Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum

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ISBN: 978-0-87273-159-2
Description: softcover, 152 pp. (28x21,5cm), phots.
Condition: very good
Weight: 690g.

Edward Bleiberg, To Live Forever, Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum, GILES, London 2008

This catalogue features a range of Egyptian monuments and objects from the Brooklyn Museum's collection that depict the ancient Egyptian belief in an afterlife and practices for gaining immortality. Curator Ed Bleiberg covers the practical and economic considerations, not only for kings and nobles, but for the middle class and poor, in preparing for the next life, including such details as the cost of coffins. This new book draws on over 120 ancient Egyptian objects from the world-renowned collection of the Brooklyn Museum to illustrate Egyptian strategies for defeating death and living forever. In answering the questions at the core of the public’s fascination with ancient Egypt, and explaining Egyptian beliefs about death and the afterlife, author Edward Bleiberg offers a fresh take on the subject by addressing the practical, economic considerations an ancient Egyptian faced when preparing for the next life.