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Tradition and Innovation in the Ancient World

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ISBN: 83-233-1578-7
Description: softcover, 117 pp., (24x17 cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 220g.




Tradition and Innovation in the Ancient World, ed. by Edward Dabrowa, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2002

Daniel T. Potts, Gopatshah and the human-headed bulls of Persepolis
Giusto Traina, Hellenism in the East: some historiographical remarks
Martha W. Baldwin Bowsky, Reasons to Reorganize: Antony, Augustus, and central Crete
Angelos Chaniotis, Old wine in a new skin: Tradition and innovation in the cult foundation of Alexander of Abonouteichos
Carlo Lippolis, Kifrin: esempi di architetturatra innovazione e tradizione
Touraj Daryaee, The Changing "Image of the World": Geography and Imperial Propaganda in Ancient Persia
Josef Wiesehofer, Gebete fur die "Urahnen" oder: Wann und wie verschwanden Kyros und Dareios aus der historischen Tradition Irans?



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