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Wad Ben Naga 1821-2013

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ISBN: 978-80-7036-401-7
Description: hardback, 143 pages (28x21 cm), phots,
Condition: new
Weight: 855g.

Pavel Onderka, Vlastimil Vrtal, Wad Ben Naga 1821-2013, National Museum, Prague 2013

Wad Ben Naga over time | Pavel Onderka
The Meroitic kingdom in the writings of ancient authors | Marie Dufkova
The discovery of Wad Ben Naga in 1821-1885 | Pavel Onderka
Geology of Wad Ben Naga and surroundings | Frantisek Vacek - Jifina Daskova
The Palace of Queen Amanishakheto (WBN 100) | Vlastimil Vrtal
Hellenistic and Roman imports during the Meroitic kingdom | Vlastimil Vrtal
The Circular Building (WBN 50) | Pavel Onderka - Vlastimil Vrtal
The Eastern Temple (WBN 500) | Pavel Onderka
The "throne rooms" in Amun temples | Pavel Onderka
Meroitic Pottery | Ramona John
The Small Temple (WBN 400) | Pavel Onderka
The Post-Meroitic Period in Wad Ben Naga | Pavel Onderka
The Isis Temple (WBN 300) | Pavel Onderka
The Meroitic language and writing system | Eric Spindler
The Typhonium (WBN 200) | Pavel Onderka - Vlastimil Vrtal
Pair statue of the god Amun and the goddess Mut | Alexander Gatzsche - Pavel Onderka
The Meroitic divine pantheon in Wad Ben Naga | Eric Spindler
Czech summary
Resume I Pavel Onderka - Vlastimil Vrtal