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Within the Circle of Ancient Ideas and Virtues

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ISBN: 978-83-62261-87-1
Description: hardback, 456 pp. (24x16,5cm), tables
Condition: new
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Within the Circle of Ancient Ideas and Virtues, Studies in Honour of Professor Maria Dzielska, edited by K. Twardowska, M. Salamon, S. Sprawski, M. Stachura, S. Turlej, Historia Iagielonica, Krakow 2014

Tabula Gratulatoria
Bibliography of Maria Dzielska
Jerzy Danielewicz, Mythological Figures and Dead Leaders as Teachers of Public Morals and Traditional Values in Greek Old Comedy
Krystyna Bartol, Aletheia and Doxa in Pseudo-Hippocrates' Epistolary Novel on Democritus' Laughter
Krzysztof Narecki, Key Concepts in the Thought ofLeucippus of Miletus, the Forgotten Founder of Atomism
Dariusz Slapek, Culture versus Nature. The Character of Roman Discourse on Scents from Plautus to Pliny the Elder
Stanislaw Stabryla, Problematique de la critique litteraire dans les Satires d'Horace
Andrzej Iwo Szoka, The Indian Gymnosophists as the Ideal Cynic Philosophers? A Cynic Diatribe in the Geneva Papyrus inv. 271
Joanna Komorowska, Model Text, Model Reading? The Paradigmatic Character of Proclus' ln Alcibiadem
Andrzej Wypustek, The Sleep of Eros in a Funerary Epigram from Tomis (Peek, Griechische Vers-Inschriften no. 1942)
Slawomir Sprawski, A Land Apart: The Description oflhessaly in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships
Adam Lukaszewicz, Improvised Remarks on Alexander the Great and his Heritage
Tomasz Grabowski, The Cult ofArsinoe II in the Foreign Policy of the Ptolemies
Marek J. Olbrycht, Parthians, Greek Culture and Bey and
Piotr Berdowski, Pietas Erga Patriam: Ideology and Politics in Rome in the Early First Century BC. The Evidence From Coins and Glandes Inscriptae
Wojciech Boruch, Domitia Longina — The Portrait of a Woman in Ancient Sources
Agata A. Kluczek, La patientia d'Hadrien et pietas d'Antonin ou les virtutes dans la pratique de I'eloge imperial
Katarzyna Balbuza, Virtutes and Abstract Ideas Propagated by Marcia Otacilia Severa. Numismatic Evidence
Maciej Piegdon, Viam fecei...ponteis...poseivei...forum aedisque poplicas heic fecei
Political activity ofM. Aemilius Lepidus in Northern Italy
Leszek Mrozewicz, Flavian Municipal Foundations in Dalmatia
Danuta Okori, P. Cornelius Anullinus — amicus certus
Joachim Sliwa, From the World of Gnostic Spells. The tasu-palindrome
Szymon Olszaniec, The Two Prefects of 384 — Symmachus and Pra.etexta.tus
Edward Watts, Hypatia's Sisters: Female Philosophers in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries
Henryk Kowalski, The Impiety (Impietas) of the Christians?
Dariusz Spychala, Constantin fr etses successeurs a I'egarddes religions traditionnelles et du christianisme. Questions choisies
Kazimierz Ilski, Gods ofConstantine
Norbert Widok, Connotazione del lemma "physis"in riferimento almondo creato negli scritti di Gregorio Nazianzeno
Slawomir Bralewski, La philosophie pratiquee par les actes — une image duphilosophe dans l'Histoire ecclesiastique de Socrate de Constantinople
Kamilla Twardowska, Religious Foundations of Empress Athenais Eudocia in Palestine
Michal Stachura, Church Unity, Schism, and Heresy in Late Antiquity
Rafai Kosinski, Why Peter the Iberian Could Not Have Been the Author of the Corpus Dionysiacum
Stanislaw Turlej,Justinian's Novela XI — A Historical Analysis
Dimitar Y. Dimitrov, Thracians andBessi in Late Antiquity: Questions of Survival, Identity, and Religious Affiliations
Jan Prostko-Prostyriski, Haruspices under the Walls of Toulouse in 439: Huns, Romans or Etruscans?
Malgorzata B. Leszka, Miroslaw J. Leszka, Longinus ofCardala. Leader oflsaurian Revolt (492-497)
Marek Wilczynski, Die "Heiden"am Rande der Welt — die Kirche und die Uberreste des heidnischen Kultus im suewischen Galizien undLusitanien
Teresa Wolinska, A Barbarian as Incarnation of Roman Virtues? Theodoric the Great in Byzantine and Italian Sources
Przemyslaw Marciniak, The Byzantine Performative Turn
Maciej Salamon, Apollonius ofTyana and the Account of the Death of Oleg, the Ruler of Rus
Przemyslaw Wojciechowski, Theodor Mommsen: The Ides of March, Caesar and Caesarism
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