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Series Byzantina, Studies on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, Volume IX

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Description: softcover, 299 pp. (25x17,5), b&w phots.
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Series Byzantina, Studies on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, Volume IX, Art of the Armenian Diaspora, Proceedings of the Conference, Zamosc, April 28-30, 2010, Warsaw 2011

Introduction (Waldemar Deluga)
Halina Walatek McKenney, Examples of Armenian Precence and Contacts in Egypt, Nubia and Etiopia from 5th to 16th Century
Agnieszka Kozaniecka-Kozakiewicz, Lttle Armenia and Byzantine World at the End of the Thirteenth-Century. The Case of Maria-Rita-Xene?
Betrice Tolidjian, The Round Church at Preslav: an Armenian Transplant?
Patric Donabedian, Un des premiers exemples d'hybridation : l'architecture Armenienne de Crimee (XlVe-XVe siecle)
Victoria Bulgakova, Ein Lowenrelief aus Sougdaia: zur Defmitionsproblematik des Kunststils der spatmittelalterlichen Krim.
Mourad Hasratian, Les eglises d'lspahan et affinites architectureales armeno-iraniennes aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siecle
Sarah Laporte-Eftekharian, Art de la diaspora armenienne. Devolution des arts visuels au XVIIe siecle a la Nouvelle-Djoulfa
Dickran Kouymjian, Reflections on Objects Inscriptions from the Pre-Twentieth Century Diaspora
Serqfim Seppdla, Interpretation of Mountains in Armenian Miniatures
Elena Ene D-Vasilescu, The Art of the Armenians of Romania: Its reality and its perception in time
loan Chindris, Anca Elisabeta Tatay, An Armenian Man of Culture and Artist from Transylvania. Zacharias Gabrus (Zacharija Gabrusjan) and his Heraldic Manuscript
George Bournoutian, The Conversion of the Armenian Community of Lvov to Catholicism: Who was Responsible?
Angele Kapo'ian, An Armenian Traveler from Zamosc: The Scribe Simeon.. Piotr Kondraciuk, Armenian Art in Zamosc
Agnieszka Szykula, New Information on the Life and Activities of Fr Kajetan Deberdasiewicz
Karolina Wisniewska, Armenian Illuminated Codices in the Collection of the National Library in Warsaw
Ruben Atoyan, Map of Kamenets Podolski from various Epoch. The Armenian Herritage
Agnieszka Bender, Armenian Artisans and Traders of Decorative Arts in the First Polish Republic. Status of Research and Proposed Directions for Further Study
Maria Cybulska, Ewa Orlinska-Mianowska, Armenian Fabric from the Collection of National Museum in Warsaw - analysis, reconstruction and identification
Magdelena Stoyanova, Armenian Gilt Leather and Silk in Europe, 15th-17th Centuries. Problems of Attribution and Conservation
Beata Biedronska-Slota, Armenian Silk Sashes
Varvara Basmadjian, Fascinante Constantinople, sous le regard des artistes armeniens de Bolis au XIXeme siecle
Alyson Wharton, The Balyan Family and Paris
Stefania Krzysztofowicz-Kozakowska, La vie d'un celebre Armenien en Pologne. Teodor Axentowicz
Iryna Horban, Musee armenienen de Lviv
Irina Hayuk, Some Features of the Armenian Culture and the Diaspora (on the Basis of the of Ukrainian Museum Collections) and the Problems of Studying its Development
Samwel Azizyan, Sacred and Civil Architectural Monuments of Armenians in Ukraine. Legal Apects
Zofia Dukielska, What do Polish Armenians Feel Today? Selected Aspects of the Polish-Armenian Self Identity

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