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Beitrage zur Sudanforschung 12, Dedicated to the Memory of Inge Hofmann

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Description: softcover, 328 pages (24x17cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 705g.

Beiträge zur Sudanforschung 12, Dedicated to the Memory of Inge Hofmann, Wien 2017


Artikel und Miszellen
Michael H. Zach, Inge Hofmann (1939 - 2016)                                   
Abdelgadir Mahmoud Abdalla, Division, Rivalry, Conspiracy and
Unsuccessful Reconciliation in the Ancient Sudanese Royal Family             
Costanza de Simone, Lower Nubia: Between Past and Present                   
Eugenio Fantusati, Abu Erteila's Stand: A Short Note                         
Eugenio Fantusati, A New "Italian" Graffito from Begrawiya North             
Jochen Hallof, The Stele REM 1001 (Stele Turaeff)                            
Jochen Hallof, Eine wiederentdeckte Inschrift des Konigs Teqorideamani
(REM 1261)                                                                 
Erin Ingram, Tattooing and Scarification in Ancient Nubia: Teenage
Rebellion or Cultural Norm?                                                
Eleonora Kormysheva, Water Spouts and Water Drainage Systems in the
Butana Region                                                              
 Maksim Lebedev and Irina Reshetova, Cutting Graves in Ancient Ruins.
 The Meroitic Temple at Abu Erteila as a Burial Ground                     
 Svetlana Malykh, Marks on Meroitic Pottery from Abu Erteila: The
 Problem of Interpretation                                                 
 Arnaud Quertinmont, Aux abords de la sepulture meroftique: le mobilier
 issu des descenderies des tombes a superstructure pyramidale de Begrawiya
 Yahia Fadl Tahir, Environmental Archaeology of the Greater Meroe Region   
 Alexey K. Vinogradov, Towards an Interpretation of the Scene of Triumph
 in Building M 292 in the Royal Quarter of Meroe City                      
 Michael H. Zach, Two Meroitic Inscriptions in Wadi el-Neel University
 Ingeborg Milner, Die Verwaltung Nubiens im Neuen Reich, Wiesbaden
 2013 (Johannes Auenmiiller)                                              
 Cornelia Kleinitz und Claudia Naser (Hrsg.), " Nihna nas al-bahar - We are
 the people of the river." Ethnographic Research in the Fourth Nile Cataract
 Region, Sudan, Wiesbaden 2012 (Michael H. Zach)
 Bibliographie 1995